How to Become a Jumia Agent in Kenya

Finding a convenient job in Kenya is becoming more and more difficult. There are either no jobs or one is stuck in a job he)she hates. If this is you, then Jumia may just be what you’re looking for. It is one of the biggest online shopping stores in the country offering every kind of product from hair products, skin care, groceries, clothes to electronics. They also deliver straight to your home or office at a reasonable fee. Not forgetting that they have free return policy on unsatisfactory goods. They also have great discounts, especially during Black Friday when discounts are just crazy.
Whether you love shopping or are simply interested in making extra cash, Jumia may just be your new thing. Several ways to make money on the site:

Becoming a sales merchant
Are you wondering where to sell your products conveniently? This is the right platform to
market and sell your goods.
Make an online subscription and wait for the jumia team to contact you.
The seller center. In this you follow specialized schooling dedicated to sellers to access and
learn how to manage web interface. Register and download all your products references.
The products are put online.
Track your orders daily in the seller center and provide products to those delivering.
At the end of the month charges and commissions are deducted then the rest of the money
given to you.

As a J-force agent

J-force is an online platform run and managed by Jumia. The first step is to register as a J-force agent then undergo a free training that is carried out through videos, and learning materials sent to your email.
After training, find the clients and convince them to order on jumia. Proceed to place the order on their behalf. After successful orders and payments, await your commission. Average commission earned by an agent is 6% and commissions vary, 2% for mobiles to 10% for groceries. This is a fun way to make money since:
1) You become your own boss
2) Work at your convenient time
3) Can be done from whatever part of the country
4) You get to enjoy free shopping vouchers on a weekly or monthly basis
5) Training is absolutely free
6) You can make more money by referring friends
7) The more you sell the more you earn.
8) You are assured of a commission whether the order is yours or a friend’s

Join the affiliate program
This is where you become an affiliate partner by promoting Jumia products and getting a
commission on each product sold. Find the product, promote it, track sales and earn
commission. Make sure you choose products that have a high market demand and clearly
describe them. Having an online blog where you can promote products is an added advantage.
Social media networks like facebook and Instagram can also do the trick.
Importance of working as any of the three above

 You are the boss. No one is telling you how or when to do this. Its up to you and your
drive to succeed.
 Building social networks. You get to interact with so many people especially during
Jumia social functions. Networking is a very important aspect in the world we live in.
 A great way to supplement your income. Getting that extra cash is always important in
this world where salary is just not enough
 Building your marketing skills. Through training and marketing of products you are able
to grow your skills. An added advantage to your CV.
 Money is paid at a specific date every month without fail.
People are making thousands on a monthly basis. The key being consistence and persistence.
With time you’ll even be promoted to a premium member- meaning more cash.