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The Top Livestream and Webcast Companies in Kenya

The Top Livestream and Webcast Companies in Kenya

Live-streamed and webcast events have become the norm in recent years, especially in our technology-driven society. Research has it that the live streaming industry has grown exponentially over the last three years. With this trend being on the rise, there is no better time to use the services of a live streams and webcast companies.

Whether large or startups, all types of businesses are incorporating live streaming as part of their marketing strategy, it has become possible for businesses to live stream concerts, conferences, events and much more. If you are looking for the best and most reliable live streaming company in Kenya, look no further than Flip Vision.

This guide helps you to know what to expect in the live streaming industry so that you can effectively pursue your intended objective.

What is live streaming and webcasting?

In this section, we will shed light on everything about live streaming and webcasting.

Live streaming can be defined as transmitting a live video or audio over the internet. Conversely, webcasting involves the action of broadcasting an event over the internet. Webcasting and live streaming are related, and they are the same thing. Live streaming and webcasting are the most effective tools for giving your business a wider reach.

Live streaming uses different types of media content such as pictures, PowerPoints, videos, etc. It allows the users to watch the event live. It provides an effective way for brands to connect with their target audience in real-time. It can include teaching the user of a new product, broadcasting a live performance, hosting a webinar, TV broadcast, hosting an interview, hosting a Q&A, doing a review, or anything else that might help you connect with your audience.

Why do you need to live streaming for your business?

Live streaming provides an ideal channel to explain a product or service to your consumers. The reason is that online video consumption is very high and continues to grow annually. According to Primo, by 2024, online videos will constitute 90% of all consumer internet traffic. Most consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through video. Below are key reasons why you should consider live streaming for your business.

Visuals are impactful. When communicating to your audience, you need to capture their attention right off the bat, and there is no better way than using visuals. Live videos are an effective means of communication, and they are better than emails or audio conference calls. Visuals instantly connect with the audience, and they have them engaged. Humans have shorter concentration spans, and they only remember 10% of what they have heard. On the other hand, videos relay the message to the audience more easily and efficiently. When combined with relevant visuals the retention increases.

Reach new audiences. People from all over the world have embraced live broadcasting, and they spend the better part of their day watching live videos daily. Live broadcasting provides an effective way to reach new audiences as it attracts a modern audience. By building a live broadcasting viewer base, you will increase your revenue generation exponentially. These live videos help to connect your brand more with the audience. Live streaming is the only medium that offers this type of interaction.

Creates trust among the audience. Live broadcast allows you to create a personal relationship with your target audience since you communicate with your audience in an authentic and raw way. This type of connection makes the audience feel they are part of your enterprise, which makes your brand more genuine. It allows your brand to improve its trustworthiness and reliability, which drives global exposure.

It is easy and cheaper. Online consumers expect video content to be perfect. However, they are a little bit reluctant regarding live streaming videos. They know that live broadcasts are conducted by the owners of the brands who are genuine to themselves who are not paid, actors. Thus, when live streaming, you don’t need expensive equipment such as cameras, and you can do it using your phone, and there is no need for post-production. Live streaming provides an easy and cheaper means of engaging with your target audience when compared with VOD content.

Audience insights. Live streaming allows you to test concepts and ideas with your audience and get real-time feedback. The audience gives you an instant feel of whatever you are live streaming. Customer satisfaction is key for any business, and when they give your instant insights, you can work your way through and improve the product or service. These real-time interactions also help you understand your audience, creating more of a connection with them.

Live stream creates authentic engagement. Live broadcasting boasts certain features such as comments, sharing, liking and other engagement activities. These are very high for live streaming videos, and they are miles ahead of recorded videos. You get to connect with your audience authentically through live broadcasting, which improves the interaction. Also, live streaming videos have a higher viewership when compared to Video on Demand Content.

Increases brand love and brand loyalty from customers. Employees are part of your business, and when they participate in live streaming events, they feel more connected to the company. Also, the customers get to see the face behind the products, making them view your brand as a group of people who are easy to interact with. It results in stronger relationships which improve brand loyalty.

The most commonly used platforms available for live streaming companies in Kenya?

The key purpose of live streaming platforms is hosting live broadcasts. Here are the most used live streaming platforms in Kenya.

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Periscope
  • YouTube Live
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • TikTok

Equipment used for live streaming

Live streaming an event is free, and helping you get started are the following basic pieces of equipment

  • A camera
  • A microphone
  • Lighting

How to live stream an event in Kenya

To ensure your live stream event is successful, here are additional tips that you need to consider:

Defining your goals

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Increase sales? Share your story? Build a following?

Increase brand awareness, product or service? Before going live, you need to define what is you what to achieve with your live stream.

Defining your target audience

Know who you are trying to reach and the type of message you will rely on them. Your audience determines the platform, days and communication methods your will use. Knowing your audience allows you to plan the message you will use.

Choose a platform

It is crucial to decide on a specific platform with numerous platforms to choose from. Each platform has its audience and goals. To achieve a greater reach, you can combine the platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Select an equipment

What will equipment will you use? It can be your PC’s webcam, your phone’s camera, sound and lighting. It would help if you determined the equipment beforehand. It can be awful for your brand to be inconvenienced by equipment failure.

Do dry run

Rehearsing is important. It will help you deal with unforeseen technical issues during the live broadcast. Rehearsing allows you to know the status of your technical issues. You will know what to expect and navigate through the anticipated issues and find the perfect solution.

Brief all guests in advance

If you plan on having guests for your live stream event, it is essential to prep them before the event begins. It helps mitigate any awkward or silent moments during the live stream. It also ensures that everything will flow seamlessly.

Check your audio, internet connection, and power

To avoid any inconveniences such as bad audio or internet, you should first check every element of your video production. To avoid throwing a spanner in the works, charge all the devices and ensure that the internet bandwidth, power and audio are great.

Monitoring during the live stream

You cannot handle everything by yourself, and you need a monitoring assistant who will curate the audiences’ comments, sentiments, questions.

Post streaming

To help you connect with your audience, it is wise to follow up and appreciate them for their time. It gives you an excellent opportunity to update them on their next live stream.

Hiring Professional Livestream and Webcast Services

Do you have an event and want to reach a greater audience through live streaming services? Look no further than Flip Vision, who are professionals who will help you with your live streaming services.

They will help broadcast your company’s vision. Connect with us via hello@acecreative.co.ke for any enquiries you might have. Take your live streaming to the next level and help grow your business. Flip Vision, we will help you with a livestream strategy to meet your needs at affordable rates. Give us a call on +254 722 755 242 for more details.