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Stivo Simple Boy Biography, Real Name, Age, Education, Career And Girlfriend

First published: April 9, 2020

Updated: May 31, 2021

Stivo Simple Boy is a Kenyan rapper and songwriter. The name Simple Boy is derived from his simple style of music. He has been subjected to cyber bullying by social media users but that has not deterred him from chasing his dream. International comedian Lil Duval posted on his Instagram that if the alien emoji was a man, then it would look like Stivo.

Despite the mockery, the singer is jovial and optimistic about life, never letting it depress him. He even crafted the famous saying ‘Inauma lakini itabidi uzoe (it hurts but you have to get used to it).

Real Name and Age

Stephen Otieno was born in 1990 in Nyanza. He is the second last born in a family of 8 having been born earlier than his twin sister.


Stephen studied in Nyanza from Nursery school to class seven. His family then relocated to
Kibera, Nairobi, where he finished his class eight. Lack of school fees prevented him from
pursuing further education.

Music Career

He was famous long before his song ‘mihadarati’ became a hit. In an interview with Word is on Friday, the jovial singer recalls life before fame:

“ Before this song came out, I had worked for ten years while releasing songs and rehearsing. I have been working as a “mjengo” guy and am still doing it to get my daily bread. I have learnt that nothing comes easier, you have to work so hard to get where you want to be.”

Attending rehearsals organized by Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA), has nourished his music talent. In 2015, he recorded his first song ‘Ukimwi’ to create awareness about HIV/AIDS. Other songs include:

  • Mihadarati. Recorded in 2017 but became a hit in 2019. The song warns youths against
    the dangers of abusing drugs
  • Ndoa. Advising people to respect he institution of marriage.
  • Ufisadi. The message is let’s stop corruption
  • I lift him higher ft Scheneider Shanny. The song, shot in Kibera neighbourhood, is about
    thanking God for everything.
  • Inauma ft Byzoo the Baddest. Explaining challenges in life that we have to get used to.


In an interview on Churchill Show journey, the artist revealed that he is in a relationship with a lady known as Fridah. Simple Boy met Fridah on the road and seized the opportunity to talk to her. The two exchanged numbers on that first encounter. 

The artist told the lady that he had fallen for her: “’nimekuzimia na tena nimekudata’ (am heads over heels in love with you). 

He met his girlfriend’s brother and told him about his intention and he told him it’s okay as long as “nisikuwe umbwa mwitu, leo niko na huyu kesho niko na ule”. 

Simple Boy said the wedding is in the works once the Coronavirus is contained.

Inspiration and aspiration

Growing up in Kibera is an inspiration on its own. Profesa J from Tanzania and Khaligraph
Jones from Kenya are people he holds in high esteem. The 30-year-old hopes to have a successful music career in Kenya and beyond. The biggest dream he has is to help the less privileged in the community once he makes it.

His message to people Put God first, have respect and be unique.