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How to Become A Successful Real Estate Agent in Kenya

Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. A lot of people are looking to buy land or a house, rent or invest in real estate. This is where a real estate agent (broker) comes in to bridge the gap between service providers and clients.
This job does not require much academic qualification or capital to start. Its simple and
convenient as you get to choose the hours, are your own boss and the pay is excellent. With so many people realizing this and venturing into the business, you need to distinguish yourself from every other agent out there. Don’t do what every other person is doing. What makes you stand out from the crowd?
Here are a few ways to make you succeed in this field:

Before taking a leap into anything, it is important to look into it carefully. It is important to arm yourself with every possible knowledge on properties before venturing into the field.
Find out which towns or cities property investors are interested in. What prices other Realtors, both beginners and experienced, are charging is also an important factor to consider. Discover laws regarding properties in Kenya and what bodies govern real estate agencies. Armed with all the research, get out there and begin sourcing properties, choosing the ones that are going to work out for you.
Marketing and advertising
Every good business out there, spent a few bucks on marketing and advertising. How are
people going to know that you’re a broker without marketing? The most affordable ways of
advertising are

a) Word of Mouth. This never really grows old. Even before the invention of the internet,
word of mouth existed. Many people grew and are still growing businesses by word of
mouth. Ever wondered how some people make headlines, good or bad? It just starts
with one utterance. Let your friends, neighbors and acquaintances spread word about
b) Social media marketing. A lot of 21 st century businesses are using social media
platforms for advertisements. It’s the easiest, cost effective way to also market yourself
as a realtor. Create a page on any of the platforms, like, Twitter and LinkedIn, and list all
the services you provide. Portray a professional image so people may actually believe
c) YouTube. Its hard to grow a YouTube channel but not impossible. Create a channel and
advertise it through social media. Urge people to visit your channel to get videos on
properties. If this is too much hustle, then partner with one or several YouTubers that
are willing to help advertise your services for a small fee.
d) OLX. Everything is sold on OLX, including services. It is absolutely free to post an
advertisement. Just upload a picture and a brief description of yourself.
Stay in touch with clients
Someone may rent a property today through you and in future want to buy one. Keeping in
touch with clients helps them consider your services for a future job. Have a file with all your former client’s details and once in a while check in on them. Thank them for using you and encourage them not to hesitate asking for your services in the future. Establishing a group rapport with all your clients will ensure they come back in future, or even recommend you to friends and colleagues. A loyal clientele will enable you stay in the business for a very long time.
Stay updated with market trends.
Market trends are ever changing. What a client wants today is not what they’ll want tomorrow.
The rapid growing property industry is also not staying the same. This means that to distinguish yourself, you need to embrace change and find ways of dealing with it. As an agent always anticipate change.
There are so many false agents out there. Con stories are always on the rise. Although the
government does not do follow ups, clients are becoming more suspicious. They want evidence in black and white, that’s why being certified is crucial.
At the very beginning of your career, this may not be a priority. At the time, broker suits you more than realtor or agent. As time progresses, the clientele grows and you may find yourself catering for high end clients. They not only want the portfolio but also the certificate.
The requirements for certification in Kenya are:
1) 18 years and above
2) Proof of real estate purchase.
3) Proof of finance to invest in real estate business
4) Register with Land registry in Kenya
A small fee may be needed to process your application.