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How To Handle KPLC Token Delay

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company( KPLC) recently announced that the prepaid meter system has been updated ,urging Kenyans to update their prepaid meters before the end of August 2024.

To update the STS-compliant meter ,a customer receives a Reset Code and an Update Code after purchasing an electricity token , which are both sent via SMS.

In some instances, customers are experiencing delays after making payments for token purchase which could cause unexpected power interruption leading to inconveniences.

When faced with a token delay, KPLC has an array of avenues you can use to obtain the code. Here is s step- by- step guide  on how to access the token on the different channels:

1.Self-Help Methods

A customer can use two methods to check for delayed tokens both online or offline. The offline method involves the use of the Safaricom USSD that prompts a self service menu, while online involves using the self-service portal.

Offline Method
1. Using A Safaricom Line , dial *977# to generate a menu prompt. Make sure the line has been topped up with airtime to access the menu.
2. Choose option 1 – Prepaid services (Token)
3. Choose option 2 – Latest Token.
4. Choose the prepaid meter number from the list or type in the meter number.
You will receive the three last tokens purchased under that meter number.  The newest token is the one you want.

Safaricom’s KPLC USSD code *977# helps people to access more KPLC services including Prepaid service (token), Postpaid services (bill), New connections ,Report incidences ,Jua for sure and  Manage accounts.

Online Method
To access a delayed token on KPLC online portal, follow these steps:

1 .Log in to the selfservice.kplc.co.ke portal. Register if it is your first time accessing the portal.
2. Click “Bill/Meter Query.”
3. Enter your KPLC prepaid meter account number.
4. Click “Search.”
5. A list of your KPLC token transactions will be displayed. The most recent transaction is at the top of the list and has the token number you want.

The KPLC self-service portal also allows to you buy prepaid tokens, check token balances, register e-bills, submit meter readings, and access more services.

2. Kenya Power MyPower App
The KPLC MyPower app can also be used for selfservice by power consumers , allowing them to  purchase prepaid tokens, check token balances, register for e-bills, submit meter readings, and more.

Here is how to check your token number on this app:
1. Download and install the KPLC MyPower app onto your device. 2. Register (new members) or log into the app.
3. Choose “My Bill/My Token” on the home screen.
4.  Enter your 11-digit meter number under the “Meter Number” section and tap on the search icon.
5.  A table summarizing the last five tokens purchased for the meter account number  you provided will appear. The most recent transaction is at the top of the list and has the delayed token number.

3. Direct Calls To KPLC
Call the Kenya Power Contact Centre via 97771, 0703070707, or 0732170170 for service-related inquiries, including reporting Kenya Power tokens delays for a prepaid meter account.

Request the KPLC customer service representative to help you receive the tokens via SMS in the Safaricom number you used to buy them.

The customer care representative will then ask questions to verify your identity before offering any services.

4. Kenya Power Care’s Twitter and Facebook accounts
You can send a direct message (DM) to the KPLC X (formerly Twitter) handle, @KenyaPower_Care, or Facebook page, @KenyaPowerLtd to retrieve your delayed token.

Include your prepaid meter number in the KPLC token delay complaint when messaging them.

The KPLC support team will send your token number and the amount paid (Ksh) to your inbox.

You can also use these social media pages to inquire about the KPLC token prices or any other issue.

5. The KPLC email address
Contact the Kenya Power Care team via customercare@kplc.co.ke to request your token number after buying tokens.

Remember to indicate your prepaid meter number and the amount (Kshs) you have used to buy the tokens.

6. Visit the Nearest KPLC Branch
This should be your last resort if all other methods to obtain the delayed token fail.

Visit the nearest Kenya Power and Lighting Company office where you will meet with a customer care representative who will help access your token.