Hustles Of The Real Househelps of Kawangware Actors After The TV Series Came To An End 

Hustles Of The Real Househelps of Kawangware Actors After The TV Series Came To An End 
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By Isaac Blessings

The Real Househelps of Kawangware (TRHK) was one of Kenya’s most popular comedy drama shows that first aired on KTN before it found a home on NTV. The script of the show was well thought out and brought the very best of the young talented actors in the sitcom. However, after the curtains of the show were brought down in 2021, many viewers wondered where these amazing actors went and what they are up to. 

In this article, WoK highlights the hustles of former TRHK actors.

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Steven Oduor Dede – DJ Shiti

Steven Oduor Dede, popularly known as DJ Shiti, joined the show in 2018 and was originally supposed to be featured in five episodes only. He put on a world-class act and he easily endeared himself to viewers. This prompted the production to absorb him in the show. Within just a few months, DJ Shiti made a name for himself becoming very popular in the country. DJ Shiti was appointed the Brand ambassador for Startimes Kenya. He also took up a career online doing promotions and endorsements through his instagram page which has over 1.5 million followers and his YouTube channel which has over 267,000 subscribers.

Winnie Rubi – Awiti

Winnie Rubi used the stage name Awiti. She was among the most outstanding characters in the show. Before joining the show, she worked as a community sensitizer at Family Health Options Kenya. After exiting the show, Awiti is currently an events MC and Brand influencer. She does promotions through her instagram page which has over 65,000 followers.

Bernice Njeri – Njambi

Bernice Njeri used the stage name Njambi during the show where she acted as a gorgeous and humorous lady who attracted the attention of other male actors such as Brayo. She would then craft ways to get money from her admirers without dating them. After the show she still acts and is a brand influencer doing promotions through her instagram page with over 132,000 followers and YouTube channel with over 21,000 subscribers.

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Fred Alvince Owiti Kasuku-Nebuchadnezzar

He played minor roles on TRHK and it was evident he was meant for an even bigger stage. Nebuchadnezzar exited the show and joined ‘Zora’, which now airs on Citizen TV.  

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Wambui wa Wanjiku – Shiphira

Wambui wa Wanjiku who used the stage name Shiphira joined the show during its peak. She acted as the employer of Awiti who worked as her housemaid and would often argue and cause drama over petty issues. Wanjiku still pursues acting and does brand endorsements through her Youtube channel and instagram page with over 32,000 followers.

Leah Nkatha Mati – Nkirote

Leah Nkatha Mati, popularly known as Nkirote was among the popular characters in the show. She played the role of a naïve househelp. Despite working hard to sustain herself in the city, she would occasionally find herself sunk in trouble. She would have multiple relationships in the show with different characters such as Crotus, Brayo and Movovia. Currently Nkirote is still an actress as well as a singer. She is also a brand influencer doing endorsements in her instagram account which has over 57,000 followers.

Timothy Njuguna – Njugush

Timothy Njuguna alias Njugush was among the pioneers of TRHK show. He joined the show during its early stages and he was a joy to watch play the troubled hawke. He played 104 episodes and called it quits after screenwriter Abel Mutua left the show in 2017. He  took a career online where he does brand endorsements and promotions through his instagram page which has over 2.2 million followers and YouTube channel with over 566,000 subscribers.

Abel Mutua – Abel

Abel Mutua was among the pioneers of the show and is credited to be the man who steered TRHK to success. He first started off as an actor before taking a role behind the scenes as a creative writer for the show. After being behind 104 episodes, he left the show to co-found Phil It productions where he is currently the Creative Director. Abel continued acting and is featured in many other shows such as Hullabaloo estate and Masaibu ya Njugush among many others. He is also a content creator and does storytelling through his instagram page with over 471,000 followers and YouTube channel with over 262,000 subscribers.

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