Kelvin Kinuthia Biography, Age and Background, Education, Career, Gay Rumors and Trivia 

By Prudence Minayo

Kelvin Kinuthia is a famous albeit controversial Kenyan Tik Tok content creator.  He is bold, funny and unapologetic. He dresses like a woman complete with fashionable wigs and high heels. Not forgetting the long manicured nails he often spots. He is among the few men in Kenya who choose to cross-dress and at times act like a woman, all in the name of content creation.

Age and Background 

He was born in June 2001 and is currently twenty years old. The content creator was born in Karen. His family then relocated to Ngong before finally settling in Kitengela. Kelvin was raised alongside his two sisters as the only boy in the family. 


He started primary school at St. Elizabeth and finished at Kilimani Academy in Kitengela. He did his form one at Koilel High School before joining Kitengela Boys where he completed his O-levels.

Kevin attends Mount Kenya University (MKU) where he pursues a course in Culinary Arts, Food Production.

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He makes a living through social media advertisements. He has a huge following on both Instagram and Tik Tok. Most of his videos on Tik Tok are funny and interesting and if the comments are anything to go by, people adore him. They love the fact that he is confident and does his thing without focusing on the negative or hateful comments. His character of Mama Shiko is always executed seamlessly and is a favorite among many. 

Since he takes on the character of a woman, a lot of people were and are still judgmental. He received so many hate comments that he almost gave up at some point. Luckily, he had a strong support system who encouraged him to continue doing what he loves. Today, he chooses to focus on the positive alone and ignores those who wish to put him down. 

Apart from making content on Tik Tok and Instagram, he also has a YouTube Channel. The name of the channel is OfficialKinuthia and he boasts more than four thousand subscribers and has more than 30 videos out there. 

Gay Rumors 

While LGBT was a taboo in Kenya, a lot of people are actually admitting to it lately. Many have also assumed Kinuthia is gay owing to his dress and demeanor. However, he has stated that what he does for content creation is adopt a womanly character. He maintains he is straight. 


A social media user posted about a man from Machakos named Kioko who allegedly ‘ate fare’ to the turn of kes344k. The pictures he accompanied with the post were those of Kelvin Kinuthia. As A Result, many people labeled him a con. At the time the story hit, he was in Nairobi town and was unaware that he was all over social media. He got wind of the story through his sister who gave him a call then texted him the link on WhatsApp. This shocked him and through his page and an appearance on Jalang’o TV, he specified he was not the man. Somebody just used his picture to spread a false story.