Inside Look At The Farm In Kiambu Owned By Thee Pluto

YouTuber and businessman Robert Ndegwa, otherwise known as Thee Pluto, recently showed off his small farm.

He runs a Pluto Diaries located in Githunguri, an agricultural town in Kiambu County.

According to a video on his YouTube channel, Thee Pluto practices both beef and dairy farming as well as pig farming.

Here is the story as told by WoK.

Thee Pluto runs Pluto Diaries located some kilometers off Githunguri town in Kiambi County.

Inside the farm, he has kept a number of beef cattle as a small section overlooking the main gate to the farm.

Speaking while showing around, Thee Pluto disclosed that he has specialized in Sahiwal cattle, a breed of zebu cow that originated from Punjab, Pakistan.

He has also specialized in Boran cattle, a popular zebu beef breed that is common in most East African countries.

Inside the section that hosts the beef cattle, he has installed a feeding area and water troughs which is refilled from time to time to ensure constant supply of water.

“Although Githunguri is not the best place to keep these cows, I brought these here to test and see how they can do under this type of weather,” he explained.

Thee Pluto further noted that he sells meat to butcheries around the area once the cattle are ready for slaughter.

“If you run a butchery or buy beef you can make an inquiry and I’ll supply meat to you. We already have some cattle that are ready for slaughter,” he added.

He feeds the beef cows with a mixture of feeds for fattening such as poland, fish meal and dairy meal alongside green matter or silage.

In a small makeshift house inside the farm, Thee Pluto has also installed a chaff cutter which is used to cut grass.

He also keeps additional food and supplements inside the room that hosts the chaff cutter.

“I use salt supplement for incalf heifers and dry cows; those that are in stages of their lactation cycle where milk production ceases prior to calving,” Thee Pluto explained.

In a different section, Thee Pluto has kept a number of dairy cows for purposes of milk production, although most of them are pregnant.

He has a separate section for pregnant cows and those that are milked on daily basis.

“Some farmers use mattresses on the cows’ sleeping area but I prefer using sawdust,” Thee Pluto explained.

The third section inside his farm is where he keeps pigs and their piglets.

“I had kept a number of he but someone came recently and offered me a good deal and I agreed to it,” he explained.

Thee Pluto also constructed some units where he keeps additionally food for both beef and dairy cattle.

He noted that the farm is open for visitations.