Jean-Christian Bergeron: The Kenyan Rubis CEO Illustrious Career And Links To Fuel Shortages In The Country

Over the past couple of weeks, Kenya has experienced an acute shortage of fuel with the matter being blamed on a number of issues. It is alleged that some oil marketing companies had resorted to hoard the commodity in a bid to force the government to pay them part of the fuel subsidy arrears.

Earlier this month, the government indicated that a ksh 13 billion was going to be paid to various marketers save motorists from the fuel crisis. However, it is a fact that a majority of fuel stations have remained dry 10 days later. Petrol stations selling the rare commodity have seen long queues of motorists despite charging higher than recommended prices.

Even as the conversation around the fuel shortage appears to take a script of musical chairs pitting the government, marketers and politicians, Kenya is set to deport Rubis regional CEO Jean-Christian Bergeron and cancel his work permit.

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Under his watch, Rubis has been accused of economic sabotage by hoarding fuel and the government says it will crack the whip on Rubis by imposing other sanctions including reducing their capacity of imports. Further, it is alleged that fuel meant for the Kenyan market was being sold out to neighbouring countries. This article will take a look into the industrious career of Jean-Christian Bergeron, a French nationality.

Built His Career At Total 

Jean-Christian Bergeron has over 3 decades experience in the energy sector and began his career as a sales representative from 1990 to 2000 for Total Group, France. For the decade, his duties entailed back office management, lead of regional sales and project management.

Bergeron worked for Total in various capacities for 28 years. [Photo|Citizen Digital]

Between 2000 and 2003, Bergeron transferred to Asia and served in the capacity of marketing and sales director for Total Parco Pakistan. Later on, Bergeron returned to France as a non-fuel retail director for Total retail network in Paris.

It was in 2006 that Bergeron had his first stint in Africa when he served as the managing director of Total Cameroon for 3 years. From 2009 to 2013, he was the managing director overseeing Total affiliate retailers in France.

In 2013, Bergeron’s career rose to unprecedented levels when he served as the Vice President for Total’s marketing and retail network. For two years, he was in charge of over 16000 retail outlets distributed in 88 countries. Basically, his tasks involved laying out long term planning, strategy and retail performance analysis among other duties.

From 2015 to 2018, Bergeron was Total’s executive vice president in Central and East Africa. His portfolio included strategy, budgeting, planning and he also negotiated with other partners on behalf of the oil firm.

Before he left Total in March 2019, he was the Saudi Arabia retail project manager where he successfully negotiated for a deal that saw Total acquire over 300 service stations in the Asian country.

Joining RubiS 

Bergeron joined Rubis in April 2019 and has steered the oil marketer to new levels that saw the company acquire Gulf Energy Holdings in a multi-billion deal.

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Rubis also acquired KenolKobil PLC and currently boasts of over 230 service stations in Kenya.

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