Jorgs Mbugua: Founder Of Kenyan Company Designing Electric Bikes

Jorgs Mbugua is the founder of Ebikes Africa, a Kenyan brand specialized in designing electric bicycles.

Mbugua came up with the idea of electric bicycles after experiencing challenges while looking to hire a motorbike for his transportation.

He currently designs e-bikes but he hopes to start production by December 2023.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

During the New Year celebrations in 2021, Mbugua wanted to hire motorbikes for his and his partner’s transportation.

Even though everyone he asked for a motorbike were willing to give him, the cost of fuel would was too high.

While at the Technical University of Kenya, he would also get tired of the fumes from the traffic along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi.

Mbugua also noted that he could not go for electric scooters for his holiday because they looked too touristy.

From the challenges that he underwent while looking for an efficient mode of transportation, he had already spotted a gap that needed to be filled.

After his holiday, Mbugua started doing a research on electric bicycles and ended up interacting with Victor Gitau, the founder of Baiskeli Center.

Baiskeli Center is a parking lot for bicycles where one can get off their bike and grab a hot shower before walking to the office.

Mbugua also reached out to ARC Ride CEO, Bede Hesmondhalgh for collaboration, their expertise and learn about mistakes that they made along the way.

Come June 2022, he registered E-Bikes Africa and has been in the process of endearing his and ARC Ride products to the Kenyan market since then.

Mbugua has designed multiple electric bicycles which he says will be in production by December 2023.

The company also looks to raise funds and assist others in Research and Development in exchange for sales of electric bicycles.

“We want them to build as we sell,” Mbugua said.

Mbugua hopes to see his company’s presence in all countries on the African continent in the near future.