Joseph Macharia: I make Sh30,000 Per Week Selling Compost Manure In Runda

Unemployment in the country has inspired a section of Kenyans to come up with innovative ways to eke out a living. Joseph Macharia is one such young Kenyan who saw an opportunity in making money in compost manure and quickly seized it.

He told a local TV station how he makes upto Sh30,000 weekly from his ingenuity. 

Here is his story as told by WoK. 

Getting the Wastes and Transforming it to Manure 

According to the Joseph, many people stopped burning leaves and instead choose to dispose them like other trash.

Burning of organic wastes results in air, food and water pollution and discharges considerable amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This knowledge informed many to stop burning leaves and instead dispose them. 

Collecting the organic waste

Joseph collects the wastes from various homes around Runda. Upon receiving organic wastes from the upscale estate, Joseph puts to use his knowledge of science to convert it into manure.

He allows the leaves to undergo the decomposition process and afterwards sells it back to the residents around the area who use it for their plant and flower gardens.

This venture ensures that he is able to meet all his needs and at the same time playing his part in the conservation of mother earth. Through the business, he has been able to employ a handful of people.

He told Switch TV News that he sells a pick up of the manure at Sh5,000. On a good week, he sells up to five pick ups making Sh30,000.

His advice to youths at the time was that they should not despise any work. He gave an example of what he does and said it was just like trash collection and they even look like street children. Despite this, he still does the job knowing the benefits outweigh all the negativity.