Joseph Mutati: How Ksh 300 Bitcoin Investment Made Me A Millionaire

Most people prefer keeping details of their wealth and net worth secret. Not Joseph Mutati.

As one of the most famous cryptocurrency traders in Kenya, he is not shy of flaunting his accomplishments online, especially house tours of his breathtaking 4-bedroom mansion in Nairobi, complete with an indoor aquarium.

He has gained a substantial following online thanks to his cryptocurrency ventures.

In this article, WoK takes a look at the background and journey of the young crypto millionaire.

The Genesis of a Crypto Journey

Joseph’s tryst with cryptocurrency began in 2016, a time when the concept of digital currencies was still relatively obscure. “That was when I realized there was something called crypto. I started digging in to find more information,” he recalls. Yet, it wasn’t until 2018 that crypto became a ‘big thing’ for him.

At the time, he worked at a call center for a money-lending company in Kenya. He soon realized that his job wasn’t bringing in the financial rewards he aspired.

One day, while scrolling on Twitter, he stumbled upon a tweet from a foreigner offering crypto investment training. At that point, crypto was buzzing with hype but still largely shrouded in skepticism.

“So, I took a big risk and invested all my savings – about sh 70 000 — in the training. That was how my life changed,” said Mutati, who happens to be a great enthusiast of vintage cars.

First Investment and Disciplined Growth

Joseph Mutati describes his first investment as a ‘funny story’. He began by purchasing Bitcoin worth sh 300. “My trainer had told me that it would be a long process before I became profitable. So, I kept adding any money I got to my initial investment,” he told Presenter Ali in an interview.

His money discipline was top-notch by then. “I wasn’t focusing on the profits part of it,” he recalls. By 2018, his investment had accumulated to sh 15 000.

It was then that he began to research more about the advanced features of cryptocurrency. The rest, as they say, is history.

Around 2019, he had become a reasonably professional trader and started offering crypto training classes to his friends as a hobby. A lot of them gave positive feedback, and so he decided to make it a big thing.

At first, there was the problem of time, as apart from crypto he was also doing other things. So, he created a rate card, built a website, hired other trainers, and built a training academy.

Today, he estimates his net worth around the 8-figure mark.


Kenyans are very wary when it comes to investing in digital assets, especially crypto and forex. However, Mutati underscores the importance of adequate research before investing your hard-earned money in anything.

“Know the details of how the investment operates, don’t give your money to any person who promises to return it with greater returns. Ask yourself, what will this person do to multiply my money that I can’t do?”

To budding crypto investors, he emphasizes that cryptocurrency is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Be prepared for losses, but above all, prioritize gaining knowledge.

You don’t necessarily need to hire trainers; valuable resources are readily available on platforms like YouTube.


Joseph Mutati hails from Tseikuru village in Mwingi, which also happens to be the home of former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

He attended various schools in Meru and Ukambani, culminating in a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science and another in business administration. He also has blockchain certifications from a UK-based university.

He says that even though he does not practice actuarial science as a career, the principles of the course are still useful in his crypto career.

Also, the courses allowed him to meet different people and make valuable connections. He was once the spokesperson for the Association of Actuarial Students in Kenya.