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Andrew Musangi: Illustrious Life Of Chris Kirubi Son In Law Who Is Worth Ksh 1.18 Billion

In Kenya’s legal and financial circles, Andrew Mukite Musangi’s name resonates as a testament to the power of dedication and expertise.

While not a household name, Musangi has quietly but significantly shaped Kenya’s legal and business landscape.

From a promising law graduate to a nominee for the prestigious position of chairperson of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

Here is his story as told by WOK

Musangi’s path to prominence began with a law degree from the University of Hull.

Equipped with this strong legal education, he returned to Kenya to embark on a legal career.

He founded Mukite Musangi & Company Advocates (MMC), a law firm that would later become a prominent player in corporate and commercial law, as well as insurance litigation.

Over the course of more than 27 years, Musangi diligently provided legal services, earning a reputation for excellence within the legal community.

His expertise and dedication made him a sought-after lawyer for clients grappling with complex legal issues.

In 2014, a business linked to Chris Kirubi secured a contract worth Ksh174 billion to build the Lamu Coal Plant.

The Shanghai Consortium, a Chinese company, challenged the contract and enlisted the services of prominent Kenyan legal experts, including Senior Counsels Fred Ngatia and Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

In the midst of the dispute, Kirubi had a falling-out with his son-in-law, as the matter was escalated to a tribunal. Ultimately, Musangi emerged victorious in the legal battle

Beyond his legal career, Musangi ventured into the political arena.

He took on a pivotal role as chairman of the influential Jubilee National Executive Board. In this capacity, he played a crucial part in the 2017 Jubilee party nominations, including the significant decision to award the presidential nomination ticket to former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Musangi’s influence also extended to the private sector.

He served on the boards of several prominent organizations, including Resolution Health East Africa Ltd.

Furthermore, his role as Chairman of the board of trustees for GenAfrica Asset Managers highlighted his financial acumen and dedication to responsible asset management.

GenAfrica Asset Managers specializes in providing investment opportunities while minimizing exposure to unnecessary risks.

One of the most striking aspects of Andrew Mukite Musangi’s career is his substantial wealth, estimated at Ksh1.2 billion ($8.2 million).

This financial success is not solely the result of his legal career but also stems from astute investments across various sectors.

Musangi’s law firm, MMC, remains a significant source of his wealth, thanks to its specialization in corporate and commercial law and insurance litigation.

Additionally, his foray into the real estate market has yielded lucrative returns from various investments.

These ventures have allowed him to build and diversify his wealth over time.

Recently, Musangi received a significant nomination by Kenyan President William Ruto as the chairperson of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

His extensive experience in law and his involvement in various boards have equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to oversee the critical functions of the Central Bank.

If confirmed, Musangi will play a vital role in shaping Kenya’s financial sector.

Despite their prominence, Musangi and his wife, Mary Ann Kirubi, have managed to keep their personal life largely private, shielding it from the media’s glare

However, there was a notable exception in their pursuit of privacy. In 2009, shortly after their marriage, Musangi and Mary Ann Kirubi took legal action against the Standard Group Limited over a defamatory article published in one of its newspapers.

The couple accused the defendant of defamation and emerged victorious, with the judge awarding them damages.

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