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Judith Okanga: Kitale Woman Who Turned Ksh200,000 Poultry Farming Capital Into A Multi-Million Venture Within 12 Months

When Judith Okanga first embarked on her poultry farming venture, little did she know that it would rapidly evolve into her primary source of income.

Today, her poultry farm, operating under the name Bidii Farm in Kitale, has transformed her fortunes.

Judith’s journey began with a modest investment of Ksh 200,000.

This initial capital was wisely allocated to crucial aspects such as purchasing chicks, building chicken coops, and acquiring vaccines.

What began as a side hustle soon demanded her full attention due to the intricacies of poultry farming.

She swiftly recognized that even the slightest lapse in health standards could result in the loss of an entire flock.

The meticulous care that poultry farming demands became evident in her approach.

To maintain the highest hygiene standards and prevent contamination, Judith strictly limits access to the hen house.

“One has to be very careful with how they take care of poultry. For instance, I allow only one sweeper and cleaner into the hen house to minimize contamination and maintain the highest possible standards. I also regularly vaccinate the chicken,” she said.

Devoting her time and energy to the farm yielded remarkable returns.

Her farm primarily focuses on rearing layers, a breed known for egg production. These layers not only contribute to her egg sales but also provide valuable manure.

To sustain her business, Judith allocates an average of Ksh 10,000 weekly or Ksh 40,000 monthly.

With a flock of around 200 chickens, Judith’s garners approximately Ksh 100,000 from selling 140 crates of eggs each week. Her revenue stream diversifies as she earns an additional Ksh 100,000 from chicken sales and another Ksh 20,000 from manure sales.

Judith’s marketing strategy is rooted in the power of word-of-mouth recommendations.

She relies on her reputation for producing quality products and fulfilling the needs of her customers.

Her products, including eggs and chicken, find their way to various markets such as individual customers, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and kiosks across Kitale.

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