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Meet Deaf Chef Working at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel

Monica’s early life was marked by the discovery of her disability by her parents, Ann and Pascal Muteti.

A few years into her childhood, it became evident that Monica’s speech development was delayed.

Some attributed this delay to her being the firstborn child, but her parents soon realized the truth.

“We noticed two to three years there were delays. At the time, she could only utter a few words, so most people attributed this to the fact that she is the firstborn child.” Ann Muteti, Monica’s mother, recounted.

The news was a shock, but the Muteti family’s love and support prevailed.

Contrary to her parents’ hopes for her to pursue tailoring, Monica harbored a dream of becoming a chef.

Her formal education commenced at Machakos School for the Deaf, where her indomitable spirit began to shine.

Graduating to Mumias High School for her KCSE certificate, she refused to let her impairment hinder her ambitions.

Recognizing her passion, Monica pursued Catering and Accommodation at Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf in Nairobi County.

This decision was not without its challenges, as her parents had envisioned a different path for her.

“Monica informed us that she doesn’t want to do tailoring as it will bring in little money,” her mother shared.

The journey to her culinary aspirations was fraught with difficulties.

Employment opportunities were scarce after graduation, prompting Monica to embark on her own bakery venture.

However, the bakery did not thrive as expected.

Undeterred, Monica’s determination led her to seek further training at Cheshire Disability Services Kenya.

This training became a turning point, enhancing her culinary skills and reigniting her belief in her dream.

Monica’s tenacity earned her an internship opportunity at Radisson Blu in Nairobi County.

Her supervisor, Chef Isaiah Oduor, was quick to recognize her dedication and passion.

“The good thing I noticed is her punctuality. She would be the first one to arrive and would not leave unless I tell her,” he remarked.

Monica’s hard work was undeniable, and it was this very dedication that ultimately led to her being recommended for a coveted position at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, renowned for its class and elegance, became the stage for Monica’s remarkable journey.