Judy Njenga Wangechi: Mama Mboga Turned Multi- Millionaire Cabbage Farmer

Judy Njenga Wangechi: Mama Mboga Turned Multi- Millionaire Cabbage Farmer
Judy Njenga Wangechi Photocredit/DailyNation

Judy Njenga Wangechi, also known as ‘Wasaimo’, has become a prominent large-scale cabbage farmer in Kenya. Renowned for her reliable supply of top-quality cabbages and her role as an expert trainer, Judy’s expertise and passion have solidified her reputation as a trusted supplier and a valuable resource for farmers seeking guidance.

Here is her journey from a ‘mama mboga’, to acquiring 5 acres of land at Ksh250,000 to now owning 50 acres of farming land in Naivasha where she plants cabbages, tomatoes potatoes, maize and onions in her Popsy Judy Farm.

From Vegetable Seller to Leading Farmer

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Judy Njenga Wangechi’s incredible rise from a humble vegetable seller to a leading farmer is a testament to her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

It all started about ten years ago when Judy, while purchasing farm produce from a local farmer, realized that growing her own crops could significantly boost her profits.

In in interview on the Daily Nation, the farmer narrated how she used Ksh300,000 savings to buy land in Naivasha and start her farming venture.

“Five acres were then going for Ksh250,000. I used the remaining cash to start a cabbage enterprise”, she told the Daily Nation.

She added it was not hard for her to get clients since she known in the market as a seller. From what she made, the entrepreneur purchased another land for Ksh360,000.

“I have been lucky to purchase more than 50 acres. It has been smooth for me because of my credit worthiness at a local bank”, Judy shared.

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She also added another 10 acres.

Popsy Judy Farm

Among her thriving crops are cabbages, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and maize. Her meticulous approach to farming and emphasis on quality have earned her a dedicated team of nearly 30 workers, who ensure the farm operates smoothly and efficiently.

Cabbage Production and Market Demand

Cabbage production is a particular highlight of Judy’s farm. Every two weeks, around 20,000 cabbage seedlings are planted, leading to a consistent harvest in approximately three months. The farm’s steady supply of cabbages finds its way to markets in Nakuru, Nairobi, and Mombasa, catering to high demand.

National Recognition and Presidential Award

Today, Judy’s farming success has garnered national recognition. She recently emerged as the top performer in the large-scale female farmers category at the National Farmers Awards program. The former President Uhuru Kenyatta himself presented her with the well-deserved accolade at the Nairobi Agricultural Society of Kenya exhibition.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Sustainable Practices

Despite encountering challenges such as disease affecting her crops, Judy remains undeterred. She employs drip irrigation and adopts careful pest control measures to maintain the health and productivity of her crops. Her commitment to sustainable farming practices and her ambition to deliver quality produce have set her apart in the industry.

Diversification and Business Acumen

Beyond her farming achievements, Judy has diversified her operations by engaging in sheep and dairy farming. Her astute business sense and effective management have enabled her to generate substantial profits, invest in more land, and contribute to the local economy.

A Vision for the Future

Supporting Farmers and Reducing Post-Harvest Losses Looking to the future, Judy has plans to establish a vegetable processing plant that will not only benefit her own farm but also support fellow farmers in reducing post-harvest losses. Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of passion, hard work, and perseverance.

Judy Njenga Wangechi stands as a shining example of how one individual’s determination can propel them from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success in the agricultural sector.

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