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HomenewsKennedy Mogambi: Nyamira Farmer Practicing Tea Farming Despite Being Blind

Kennedy Mogambi: Nyamira Farmer Practicing Tea Farming Despite Being Blind

Kennedy Mogambi is a farmer from Mosaria, Nyamira County.

Despite being visually impaired, Mogambi is one the of renowned tea farmers in the region, thanks to his resilience.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Kennedy Mogambi hails from Mosaria in Nyamira County where he lives with his wife and their five children.

He lived a normal life while practicing farming for the better part of his adulthood until January 2018 when he lost his eyesight.

The farmer noted that he had just gotten up in the morning when he lost his first eye before losing the other one a while later.

“I woke up in the morning and while I was basking outside, I suddenly lost my one eye. I went to the hospital and while the doctors were attending to my, I lost the other eye,” Mogambi said.

While the loss of vision meant that he had to embrace change and live with the condition, Mogambi started to learn how to survive with his condition.

This was after doctors from various hospitals spread across the country failed to diagnose the cause of his blindness.

“I started coming to the farm using a walking stick. I’d come to the farm early and leave late. Thats way I started being involved more with farming,” Mogambi added.

Mogambi’s wife, Clare Mokeira, said that she was initially not okay his husband going to the farm due to his condition.

“I was not of the idea of letting him go to the farm because of his condition because other people started gossiping about it,” she stated.

However, due to his hardwork and the urge to fend for his family, Mogambi went out of his way and continued working on his farm.

“He is a man who is dedicated to his work, he is able to do the works that he does in the shamba despite the challenges,” his son Boniface Mogambi said.

Mogambi noted that he will not relent and he will keep pushing everyday despite the challenges.