Andrew Kibe: I Charge Ksh12,000 Per Hour To Give Advice, YouTuber Releases Rate Card

Media personality and YouTube content creator Andrew Kibe has revealed his rates for among others, his consultancy services.

In a recent show on his social media platforms, the US-based content creator said his rates are on hourly basis.

Kibe noted that going forward, he will no longer be giving advise or having talks with people for free.

He argued that he invests alot in his content, and it is his source of living, and as such he won’t be doing such for free.

“If you see how many softwares I’m paying for every month you’ll be shocked, I use about Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 15,000. I pay that consistently because I need these softwares,” Kibe said.

As a result, anyone who wants to talk with him or have an interview must part with Ksh 12,500 ($100) per hour.

“I charge for my content, every time I’m online, I’m getting paid. This is my life so I charge for it. If you call me on a personal basis, I just don’t talk like that, I charge to talk

“There are people that I can talk to for hours but when it comes to you, you have to part with Ksh 12,500,” Kibe explained.

Andrew Kibe conned

Not so long ago, the content creator was swindled by online scammers masquerading as Safaricom agents.

In a video on his YouTube channel, pointed an accusing finger at employees of a telecommunications company, saying it was an inside job.

Kibe claimed he was reportedly scammed Ksh 60,000 by a person who introduced himself as a Safaricom customer care agent.

“I have been scammed, how the scammers got my number is a mystery to me. I suspect this could be an inside job. Someone is selling client information or your Twitter account is fake,” he said.

Kibe pledged to work round the clock to ensure he gets his cash back and further urged those that have faced similar predicaments not to remain silent.

“I must get my money back, I want my money, this cash is earned through blood sweat and tears,” Kibe said.

After leaving Kiss FM, Kibe relocated to the United States and started a podcast which he hosts on his TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channel.

He also does YouTube Shorts and Instagram reels.

Kibe commands a followership of 377,000 and 259,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively and 348,000 subscribers on YouTube.