Kenya Seeking Billions To Acquire Luxurious Vehicles, Guest Homes For Visiting Presidents


Kenya is now seeking billions of shillings to purchase guest houses and luxurious cars fro visiting Head of States.

The same will also cater for dignitaries from visiting countries.

In an update, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the move is aimed at cutting government’s reliance to five star hotels and guarantee availability of accommodation for visiting VIPs.

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“The ministry seeks to acquire suitable guesthouses for high-level dignitaries visiting the country. This will cut costs of hotel accommodation and ensure there is always availability of accommodation and reduce dependency on hotels,” says Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo in a report to Parliament.

The government is also seeking to spend a good sum of money in acquiring luxurious cars for local travel of the VIPs.

“The ministry has a large fleet of old vehicles hence increased maintenance costs.

“In addition, unlike in other international airports, JKIA does not have protocol cars stationed within the tarmac area/airside to facilitate VVIPs and VIPs on arrival and departure,” she added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not disclose the number of guesthouses or top-of-the-range vehicles it intends to purchase.

Also, it did not disclose the budget for the guesthouses and luxury vehicles.

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