Kenyan Content Creators Who Are In Their 60s And 70s

In today’s digital age, content creation has become a popular and lucrative profession for many individuals.

While it may seem like a young person’s game, there are content creators out there who are defying age stereotypes and continuing to thrive in their 70s.

In this article, WoK looks at content creators who are breaking down barriers and proving that creativity knows no bounds.

Margaret Muthoni

Margaret Muthoni is a 74-year-old content creator who works closely with his grandson to create content on YouTube.

The two make comedy skits which is then uploaded on Brayo Sammy’s YouTube channel.

In an interview with KTN News, Brayo Sammy noted that it took him time to convince his grandmother to partner with him.

“We did the first video together and people really loved it, I did the second video alone and people asked for her,” he stated.

Margaret Muthoni and her grandson Brayo Sammy PHOTO/Courtesy

Adigo’s mum

Adigo is a content creator, a businessman and a brand ambassador for sports betting company, Odi Bets.

He also creates content alongside his mother once in a while when he gets a chance to visit her or hangout with her.

In the skits, she always depicts the lifestyle of a flashy person.

For instance, in a previous video, she was filmed while boarding a plane and when she was asked about her destination, she funnily claimed that she was going to pick up her charger.

Adigo’s mother PHOTO/Courtesy

Manzi Wa Kibera’s ‘boyfriend’

Controversial socialite Manzi Wa Kibera recently introduced a 66-year-old man as her boyfriend sparking wild reactions.

A while after going public, the two would create content together and appear for online media and mainstream media interviews.

The two have also bee holding club giga together.

Having been engaged in previous relationships that turned out to be clout, it still remains unclear whether the relationship is real.

Manzi Wa Kibera and her boyfriend PHOTO/Courtesy

Lil Maina’s grandfather

Jeremy Maina, alias Lil Maina is a musician better known for his hit song, Kishash.

Other than making music, he has also been making comedy skits which he shares on his social media platforms.

The outstanding bit in his skits was his grandfather’s involvement in his videos.

However, the old man sadly passed on as announced by Lil Maina on his Twitter and Instagram pages on Tuesday, February 21.

“I don’t know what to say babu, I will always have you in my heart. It is not the same without you, it will never be. The best grandfather to me and to everyone. I will miss you so much,” he wrote.

Shosh Wa Kinangop

Shosh Wa Kinangop does skits which are posted on her TikTok account boasting a followership of over 350,000.

This has seen her bag a deal with betting firm, Kwit Bet where she is a brand ambassador.

The content creator is also an adent fan of Manchester United Football Club which inspires most of her videos.

Shosh Wa Kinangop PHOTO/Courtesy