Linet Chepkorir Toto: Daring Young Aspirant Who Elbowed Out Moneyed Contestants To Bomet Women-Rep

In November 2021, when she presented herself for Rift Valley’s UDA aspirants meeting held at DP Ruto’s lavish Karen residence, security guards  despised and blocked her. Judged by her simple dressing, they alleged Linet Chepkorir was thrusting herself in a gathering meant for ‘waheshimiwa.’

There was a conspicuous difference between Chepkorir and other aspirants who donned everything expensive. While other politicians effortlessly gained access into the venue, she remained stranded at the gate for one hour pleading with the guards to allow her in. Finally, she secured her access after showing them an electronically generated passcode.

The Bomet women rep-elect popularly known as Toto would only get herself one of the few back seats that remained unoccupied. But before the event started, she took three photos and posted them on social media before switching off her phone.

Linet Chepkorir Toto: Daring Young Aspirant Who Elbowed Out Moneyed Contestants In Bomet
Linet Chepkorir Toto. [Photo|Nation.Africa]

Unknown to her, the snaps which portrayed her young look were propelling her to the limelight even as the meeting went on. Because of her uncomplicated dressing  which was contrary to politicians nature, Chepkorir’s photo aroused more curiosity and led to outpouring of comments on the blogosphere.

After the meeting, Chepkorir’s phone went off and when she recharged it upon reaching Bomet, she was startled at the dozens of people who had tried to contact her. Upon opening her social media pages, it became known to her that her photos had gone viral even as various friends sent congratulatory messages.

Brief Biography: Humble Beginnings

When she threw her hat into the Bomet woman representative ring, little was known about Toto until she shared her story.

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The daring politician began her education at Chemamun nursery school and proceeded to Kapsimbiri Primary School. She then attended both Kapsimbiri (form 1 and 2) and Siwot secondary schools. The 3rd born in a family of 7 was born a leader and was the school’s head girl in primary school. Chepkorir went on to become a class representative in junior classes and ultimately became the school president in form 4.

She holds a degree in Procurement and Logistics from Tharaka University College.

Politics: Used Bodaboda To Campaign

When she launched her manifesto, Toto’s courage steered her to become the popular candidate for the woman representative seat.

If it happens in your life you have ever led one person, or more than two people, you’re already a leader. You don’t have to lead several people to prove your leadership,” she said in an accented English.

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In a bid to become the third woman representative for Bomet County, she put up a spirited campaign to ensure she clinched the UDA ticket in the nomination. The electorate fell in love with her and even contributed funds for her nomination fee and campaigns.

Unlike other contestants who used SUVs and erected giant billboards in strategic places, Chepkorir used a motorcycle to travel through the South Rift County. The voters christened her the ‘people’s candidate’.

And on 14th April, 2022 when people took to the ballot, the newcomer beat other 9 aspirants to emerge the popular candidate  to fly the UDA flag. In an emotional speech she delivered after emerging victorious, she was full of gratitude to God and the electorate.

I want to thank you for standing with me throughout this journey and fulfilling your promises by voting for me. I’m grateful because I know I received an overwhelming support from this region where I come from,” she said in Kalenjin dialect.

She added: “Whenever God opens the door for you, there is no one who can shut it.”