Lofty Matambo Biography, Career, Music And Marriage

By Prudence Minayo

For many who do not tune in to Swahili news on Kenya Television Network (KTN), Lofty Matambo may not be a familiar name.

This is because he specializes in delivering content in Swahili. Apart from being a Swahili news anchor/reporter at KTN, he also hosts the Shangwe show on Radio Maisha.

Matambo has been in the field of journalism for a number of years with his grasp of the Swahili language being close to perfect.

The journalist does not trend on social media every other time like his counterparts. Apart from journalism, he is also a good singer as was depicted when he released a song together with fellow journalist Fridah Mwaka a few months ago. 

WoK takes you through some aspects of his life and the things he has experienced in the quest to fulfil his dreams.


The news anchor’s career is a far cry from what he pursued in college. He was a laboratory technician at a local clinic before leaving the job to chase his dreams. 

The journey to become the big name he is in the media industry was not an easy one. He had to try a number of times before managing to get into the industry. 

While attending to a patient, he heard an announcement on Hope FM radio that was playing on the background. The presenter asked listeners to call the station and play news readers for two minutes. The winner would then be given a chance to be on air.

He left the patient and ran up the stairs in order to hide and try his luck with Hope FM. Fortunately, he emerged the top and was called to the station where he was paired with Anthony Ndiema.

After leaving the studio, he dined with other presenters and thought his chance had come. Unfortunately, it did not work out and he went back to the clinic. 

When Anthony Ndiema left Hope FM for KTN, he called and informed Lofty of his new position and told him to apply for the position. Unfortunately, he did not get the position.

Good fortune smiled at him when finally, he bagged a job with KTN as a Swahili presenter where he has worked for the past couple of years. He is also a presenter with Radio Maisha which is also part of the Standard Media Group. He hosts a show named Shangwe for the station.


Together with his college at KTN, Frida Mwaka, they released a song dubbed Weh Corona. Frida revealed that they composed the song in the newsroom before approaching music producer Saint P who agreed to work with them.

She added that they saw it fit to also voice their willingness to fight the virus as media personalities. 


The reporter is married to Mary Mutete whom he met in a shop in Kisauni Mombasa. They dated and he proposed in 2015 for the second time.

He had proposed earlier but plans fell through as he did not have the funds at the time. Matambo was working for a production house where the pay was little.

After the 2015 proposal, the two got married in a colorful ceremony at Kikambala Methodist Church, Mtwapa. The ceremony was attended by some popular personalities in the industry including Mashirima Kapombe, Alex Mwakideu, comedian Jalas and Zubeeda Koome. 


A lot of people moving to Nairobi are usually warned against the dangers of the big city. While the city is full of opportunities as it is the home of major companies, it is also flooded with robbers who attack unsuspecting citizens.

The media personality was not spared from this harsh reality as he once narrated to #WordWithSDE, how he was robbed at gunpoint twice.

The first incident happened on a Sunday. He went to visit a friend after leaving church and left the friend’s place at night. At the time, he lived in Kayole. On his way home, he met armed thugs who attacked him at gunpoint and stole Sh.500.

“They caught me and threw me onto the ground before pointing a gun at my head. They made away with Sh.500 but left my briefcase which only had a Bible.’

The second time was when he was with a bunch of friends and they had come from watching a football match. They were attacked by 4 young men at gunpoint. The thugs took their phones but left them with their sim cards.