Malik Lemmy ‘Govi’: I Now Make Ksh5 Million Yearly, Ex-Machachari Talks On Upward Acting Career Trajectory

Malik Lemmy, who played Govi in the popular Machachari show, is making serious money moves if his latest interview is anything to go by. After a rough patch that nearly drove the actor to the dangerous path of depression, Malik is finding himself and his dedication is finally paying dividends.

He told Nairobi News that he now makes Ksh5 million from his acting career. 

“As you can see for yourself, I have a good life- in a year I can make up to Sh 5million,” he said. 

Here is a brief bio of his acting career as told by WoK.

Acting Career 

He began acting at the age of 5 when he was featured on Makutano Junction in 2005. He went on to audition for Machachari where he was casted as Govi. This is the show that propelled him to fame and showcased his talent. 

He quit the show in 2018 and life did not pan out as he had expected. The actor told Buzz Central that after the show many doors closed. He stopped receiving calls from friends and paid shows halted. Things got so bad that he thought there were people in the industry who had been paid to ensure he didn’t prosper. This was all in his mind. 


During this trying time, his mother encouraged him a lot. He got so depressed that he began to hate acting and even ceased watching Netflix. He also avoided hanging out with friends. 

Then, his break came when he auditioned for a role in Kina and bagged it. This role reignited his love for acting. He also got the chance to act on Kutu in a show called Mawimbi that will soon air. 


His star has been on the rise since and this is best exemplified by his role on Pepeta series on Showmax. He plays Dimory who is a ladies man, selfish and easy going. He loves his friends and pushes them to give their all. 

According to the actor, the role is far removed from his real character as he is a truthful, humble person who hates chasing after clout. The talented actor is also pursuing International Relations and Political Science in school. 

“…I love how the industry has grown from the times when people would only be paid Sh500 but now we are getting paid well. I do not agree when people say Kenyans artistes are not getting paid we are getting paid, especially if you know your brand and have set priorities. As you can see for yourself, I have a good life in a year I can make up to Sh 5million”, he told Nairobinews.

He advised young people to know their brand and to avoid being swayed by trends. They need to identify their niche and be patient.

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