Mau Mau Veterans Accuse Gov’t Of Blocking KSh 2.8 Billion UK Compensation

Mau Mau War Veterans Association in Nyeri, Central Kenya PHOTO/COURTESY

Mau Mau veterans have sought help of the High Court with the negotiations for KSh 2.8 billion compensation by the British government.

The veterans are being compensated over torture during the colonial period.

However, the veterans are accusing the government of interfering with negotiations foe the compensation thus moving to court.

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In 2013, the British government entered a deal with Mau Mau Original Trust and offered to pay KSh 2.8 billion but the government has reportedly refused to engage in talks for the same.

“As a result of the foregoing the Mau Mau victims and their families continue to wallow in poverty years after the independence,” Lawyer John Sakwa argued.

The veterans argued that the delays has seen some Mau Mau fighters die without receiving their share of the compensation.

“Furthermore intended negotiations on the compensation of other Mau Mau have stalled for the past few years despite the best efforts of the Petitioner,” Sakwa added.

The veterans also want the court to further provide the process by which the compensation will be distributed directly to the Mau Mau fighters and their families.

Justice Anthony Mrima has since certified the case as urgent and directed Swaka to serve the Attorney general with the court papers and respond within 21 days.

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The case will be mentioned on June 20.

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