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Meet Dogo Charlie: The Parody King’s Journey From Kericho To Tik Tok Stardom

Charles Akisha, popularly known as Dogo Charlie has been dubbed the king of parody in Kenya. The entertainer is known for coming up with creative parodies for trending hit songs dropped by top artists.

This has gained him fame with some of his videos attracting millions in views. He is a content creator on YouTube and Tik Tok

Here is his story as compiled by WoK.

Background and Education 

He was born in April 1998 in Kericho to parents who were very poor who worked in tea farms and barely made enough to support their children.

He attended a local nursery school before proceeding to Kapsongoi Primary School.

Life was hard and even getting food was difficult at times. In a past interview with Joy Rosales, he recalled stealing bread and soda from a local shop after he went home for lunch but there was no food.

Dogo Charlie then went to high school in Migori and nearly dropped out in form 2 because of school fees.

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At one point he contemplated committing suicide. One thing he loved in school was acting.

He wasn’t interested in games but was an active participant in drama and the scouts club. 

Layon Media 

After high school, he made contact with Layon Media and they promised to get in touch. The wait was long and he was on the verge of giving up. 

This is when he started doing manicure, pedicure and making ladies’ eyebrows.

It is during this time that Layon media reached out to him unexpectedly and he began working with them. They made different parodies and the videos garnered millions in views.

Venturing on his own 

Feeling he needed to grow his own brand, he started his own channel named Dogo Charlie.

He felt Layon media had given him the platform and it was the right time for him to venture out on his own.

He started making parodies again and gained numerous fans. Today, his channel has over 500k subscribers with his parodies being watched by many. 

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Some of his popular parodies with millions of views include: 

  • Dusuma by Otile Brown ft. Meddy with  over 7.2 million views
  • Guchi with over 8.8 million views 
  • I miss you by Rayvanny ft Zuchu with over 2.8 million views 
  • Wangu by Nadia ft Sanaipei with over 7.2 million views 
  • Sukari by Zuchu with over 5.6 million views 
  • Nakupenda by Jay Melody with over 3.8 million views 
  • Adhiambo by Bahati and Prince Indah with over  2.5 million views 
  • Kwikwi by Zuchu with over 2.3 million views
  • Toto by Willy Paul with over 2.3 million views
  • Liar by Willy Paul with over 2.1 million views
  • Honey by Zuchu with over 1.1 million views 
  • Ngesh by Kaveve Kazoze with over 1.2 million views 
  • Touch It by Kidi with over 1.7 million views 


The content creator has to be very creative and on top of things since he releases the parody soon after a hit.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, he said the challenge is coming up with creative lyrics and twerking the tune in order to avoid copyright strikes.

He also has to scout for the right locations, mostly a rural setting which is a bit hard to come by. 


The Tik Toker is in a relationship with Dess. The couple have a YouTube Channel called Dogo Charlie and Dess. They take fans through their journey on the channel, which has more than 13k subscribers.