Mercy Maluli: From Selling Sh100 Mitumba Socks To Owning Multi-Million High-End Clothing Store

Mercy Maluli is the founder of Devine Collections, a high-end clothing line that sells menswear; suits, shirts, shoes, and socks. The company serves a number of high-profile clients including some of the country’s most popular celebrities.

Maluli boasts years of experience in the fashion industry and has operated Devine Collections for over a decade.

In a past interview with Capital Business, the stylist revealed that she ventured into the clothing line business after she was encouraged by clients.

“I started Devine Collections 10-years ago (2012/13). I started Devine Collections by selling socks at Ksh100….my clientele have been supportive since then,” she says.

Maluli started out selling socks to clients in Nairobi for Ksh100 per pair. Though many people would despise her hustle, she never let the negativity weigh her down in the quest to start her own clothing line.

“I started with mitumbas. I used to go to Gikomba and sell to my friends at the hostel,” she said.

Mercy Maluli: Former Socks Seller Who Owns High-End Clotheline And Dresses Top Celebrities
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Maluli who is currently undertaking a Business Management course at Strathmore University developed love for fashion a while still young. She is also a former Miss Amboseli College where she always left her colleagues amazed with her sense of fashion.

“I love fashion. I used to be Miss Amboseli. So, people used to admire how I looked like in the fashion part.

“They would ask a lot of questions and I felt like I could get this item and sell to them. So, I felt yes, I can do it because I was so interactive, student leader, ambassador and I felt like I can use that opportunity to maybe push my products because everyone would trust anything I would sell to them,” she said.

To start Devine Collections, Maluli took out a bank loan of Ksh200,000 which she used to start the clothing line. She then travelled to Dubai and India to import men’s clothes and her business took off.

The business has grown and now has locations at Lavington, Kilimani, and Imaara Mall along Mombasa Road. Mercy opened the Kilimani store in December 2020 in a ceremony attended by celebrities including; Jalang’o, Amina Chao, Kabi and Milly wa Jesus, Michelle Ntalami, Wahu Kagwi, Jackie Matubia and Alex Mwakideu. During the occasion, Nameless, Masterpiece, and Makena Njeri were unveiled as the brand ambassadors.

Mtumba man was also unveiled as a Devine Collections influencer and was offered a five-year deal with the men’s clothing line.

Maluli revealed that she has between 15 to 20 employees including a photographer who attend to their clients.

She revealed that one suit goes for between Ksh50,000 and Ksh70,000 depending on the brand.

“So, most of the suits you see here are from the Devine Collections. I am launching a shoe line –100 per cent leather in Kenya. It has taken me 8-months to do it. I make them in Italy with Kenyan fabrics. I have designed it myself.”

Some of the high-profile clients dressed by Maluli’s company include Felix Oduor (brand ambassador), Maina Kageni, MC Jessy, Burale, and Eric Omondi.

Just like any business, Maluli notes that the shop has its fair share of challenges. She notes that her biggest problem is finding committed employees and also the high cost of importation, considering the shilling’s deteriorating value against the dollar.

She notes that the shop sells to celebrities, and also gets more clients through referrals, word of mouth, influencers, advertising-billboards, and radios.

“Lessons I have learnt is that you need networks in this life. For you to succeed in life, familywise, friendship; you need a very good network of friends, your strong family-people who can pick up your call and save yourself.

“It is really hard up here actually to maintain this-it is so hard, challenging. We cry, and we do not sleep. People think it is easy…. but behind it is extremely crazy,” she said.

Maluli notes that she sells to clients from Uganda and Tanzania, and also plans to open shops across the region.


The millionaire businesswoman is never shy of spending her hard-earned money. On September 25, 2021, the mother of two gave her six-year-old son, Brayden, a palatial home as his birthday gift. This sent the internet wild with many marvelling at the extravagant gift given to the young one.

“He has been praying for a house cause mommy promised one. God answered and he is the newest home owner in town! Anything for my boys. To brighter days ahead,” she posted on Instagram.


The entrepreneur knows how to treat herself and this is best exemplified by the car she bought herself late 2020. The Mercedes Benz ML350 goes for roughly Ksh6.5 million.