Michael Mureithi: City Dweller Charging Upto KSh 150 To Give Direction, Has Over 100 Clients Daily

A city dweller who charges money to give people directions in Nairobi CBD has stunned many after sharing his story and the idea behind his business.

Michael Mureithi alias Jopinto serves individuals who get lost or those who are trying to identify a bus stage to various destinations.

He said he ventured into the business as a way of making money thanks to the high unemployment rates in the country.

“Lazima nifanye hii kazi kwa sababu hii ndo kazi inanipatia pesa. (I must do this job because it is what gives me some money for survival),” Mureithi said in an interview with TUKO.

Mureithi said he serves at least 100 people everyday and he charges between KSh 100 to KSh 150 for his services which include seeking directions to a building, bus station or any other services.

“We have a poster indicating that we charge KSh 100 to ask for directions, if the customer accepts, we take them to their destination, but if they fail to agree, we ignore them,” he explained.

Mureithi also clarified that he does not engage in criminal activities in the line of his work since he is known by people around his station and even police officers.

“Uncountable people ask for directions from us, one would want to be shown the best route to archives while another would want to know where to pick Kaka sacco matatus, we give directions without fail because it is our job),” he said.

He asked the youth to be creative when coming up with business ideas.