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Miss Morgan: Duped Into Marrying A Man With Six Children, Profile Tahidi High Actress

By Prudence Minayo

Miss Morgan, real name Angel Waruinge, was a popular actress on the drama series Tahidi High. She was the beautiful deputy principal whose tough no-nonsense attitude endeared her to many Kenyans. Owing to her role in the TV series, she became a household name in the country which earned her lucrative deals with big brands like Naivas Supermarket and Faulu Micro-finance as a brand ambassador. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.


She was born in 1982. 

Background and Education

Miss Morgan was born in Kiambu county. She is the second born in a family of three children, one elder brother and a younger sister. 


She attended Hospital Hill Primary School where she excelled in swimming and was part of her school’s swimming team. She scored 407 marks out of the possible 700 marks. She went on to be admitted at Ngiriambu Girls High School. 

Struggle with Depression and Alcoholism

Like most Tahidi High actors at the time, Angel was famous and within no time was indulging in alcohol which led her to the path of alcoholism. As the fame grew, it was hard to separate Angel Waruinge from Miss Morgan. 

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“For the longest time I had to try to separate those two people, living as Angel and as Miss Morgan, and it affected me a lot. Expectations from so many people,” she explained in an earlier interview. 

This made her sink into depression and found solace in alcoholism. Thankfully, she had people who helped her pull through even as she also worked with herself to take back her power. 

Losing Weight 

Miss Morgan has also talked about her weight loss journey. She explained that her weight made her uncomfortable and self conscious. She felt like she couldn’t wear certain clothes or get certain roles. Thus, she began her weight loss journey and managed to lose a considerable amount of weight. 

Engagement and Daughter 

In a recent interview with Hiram Kamhunjia, she revealed about her broken engagement and unsupportive baby daddy. The two met and fell in love when she was 29 years old. They met through a cousin and he launched a year-long pursuit to win her heart.

A few months after the engagement, she found out that she was pregnant. The news was greeted with elation from the then fiancée and he walked with her through the pregnancy journey until she was five months pregnant before he disappeared.

He later came after she had delivered and even stayed in the baby’s life for a year. Later, he became an absentee dad and when Covid-19 hit, she reached out to him to ask for help in taking care of their daughter.

He demanded a DNA test but still did not provide support after the test came back positive. She is currently taking care of her nine-year-old daughter. 

The actress also revealed that she wishes to find love again. She added that she wouldn’t date a divorcee again or a married man. She went on to state that her baby daddy had six other children, information she wasn’t aware of. 

She accepted  the turn of events and stated that her daughter has enough male figures.

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