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Mtaalamu J Mburu: Shamba Boy Who Rose To Own 3 TV Stations, 50 Clinics In Kenya And Tanzania

Mtaalamu J Mburu, real name James Mburu, is the epitome of what you might call a Jack of All Trades. He is the owner of Jambu Tv and Mukeu herbal clinics. 

Not long ago, a hilarious post was trending about him on social media, in which people painted him as the ubiquitous figure handling every role at his TV station. 

It was said that he was the pastor, news anchor, cameraman, producer, voice over artist, and even the guest! 

However, in a recent interview with Jeff Kuria, Mburu unveiled his journey, shining a light on the trajectory that brought him from a humble beginning to the helm of a multimedia empire.

This is his journey as told by WoK:

Early Life

Born in the serene landscapes of Nyandarua County in Karangatha, James Mburu’s early years were defined by hardship and financial struggle.

According to him, the situation at home was so bad that when something went missing in the village,their home would be the first suspect due to their impoverished state. 

His parents were peasant farmers, who, despite their poverty, did their best to educate their children. 

However, James had to pause school due to financial issues and that’s how he started composing his own music. 

One day, while he was taking care of his grandfather´s livestock, a good samaritan heard him singing and commended his vocal talent. 

The benefactor offered to take Mburu to a studio to record music and hawk cassettes, and that was how he was able to help his parents and also finance his education. 

After highschool, he was hired as a shamba boy in one of the estates in Nairobi at a weekly pay of sh 20. 

Despite the paltry pay, Mburu saved enough to enroll in a nursing school, which gave him a foothold to be employed at a hospital in Nyandarua. 

After working for three years, he was employed at a herbal school in Limuru, where his expertise in medicine served him in good stead. 

Years later, he founded Mukeu herbal clinic, which currently has 47 branches in Kenya and three branches in Tanzania and has directly employed over 50 employees. 

But his ambitions did not stop there.

In 2018, he founded Jambu Tv, marking the birth of a media conglomerate encompassing not just television but also radio stations and multiple other TV channels. 

Today, he owns Mukeu TV, Karindi TV, Jambu Fm, and a Youtube channel dubbed J. Mburu Official. 

He also sells Mukeu spring water, which he said has done very well.

Aside from his entrepreneurial ventures, Mburu is also a musician and film producer, having recorded over 100 songs and written over 300 movies which air on his television network. 

“I work hard because I came from a humble background and I would never want to steal from anyone,” “I work hard because I came from a humble background and would never want to steal from anyone,” he explained in the interview. 

His narrative stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating that success is not limited by circumstances but by the resilience and unwavering determination of an individual.