Muhoho Kenyatta Biography, Age and Education Background, Family, Personal Life, Career and Scandal

Muhoho Kenyatta Biography, Age and Education Background, Family, Personal Life, Career and Scandal
Muhoho Kenyatta Is The CEO Of Brookside Dairy Limited Photo/Courtesy

For nearly three decades, Brookside Dairy Limited has been providing quality affordable milk to millions of Kenyans. The company is owned by the wealthy Kenyatta family with Muhoho Kenyatta as the CEO. His knack for business and political patronage has seen Brookside turn into the country’s largest milk brand, a position once held by Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC). The company has managed to acquire Delamare, Molo Milk, Ilara and Tuzo as well as expanding its reach beyond Kenyan borders. Who is Muhoho Kenyatta? Not much is known about him as he avoids the limelight but below are a couple of facts about him:

Age and Education Background
Muhoho was born in 1965. The businessman went to St. Mary’s, Nairobi before proceeding to Williams College where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

The CEO is the son of the late President Jomo Kenyatta and Ngina Kenyatta, president Uhuru Kenyatta’s young brother and a husband to Erica. He has three children, two girls and a boy.

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Personal life
The father of three leads a quiet life outside the limelight. Acquaintances and employees describe him as a hard-working and social man who works very hard and invites employees for lunch.

They also describe him as a loving and responsible dad. He doesn’t shy away from taking care of his children and teaching them the value of work by encouraging them to milk cows and pack milk. It is believed that he is very close to his elder brother President Uhuru Kenyatta and respects him a lot. Sources reveal that he acts as the Master of Ceremony during Family gatherings.

He works behind the scenes to aid President Uhuru in politics.
A notable public appearance was in 2019 during the 25th memorial service of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. The opposition leader and Muhoho could be seen talking and singing hymns during the ceremony. He was instrumental in bringing about the famous ‘handshake’ between the president and former prime minister.

In 1993, he helped found Brookside Dairies Limited and has been the boss since then. Muhoho is also the Vice President of commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) and supervises: the Voyager Beach Resort, the Great Rift Valley Lodges and the Heritage group.

Protech, a company owned by Mr. Muhoho and licenced to import sugar was implicated in the 1-billion-kg sugar scandal. The allegations were quickly dropped when documents presented at the National Assembly proved the company had not imported a single kg of sugar. The president’s allies believed it was a bid to ruin his campaign.

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