Muigai wa Njoroge Biography, Songs, Family, Wealth And YouTube Earnings 

By Faith Nyambeki

No song since Wajinga Sisi by Rabbit has caused a stir on social media platforms like Muigai wa Njoroge’s Ino Migunda. The song has over 220k views on YouTube by the time of writing this piece and trending at number one in Kenya. Interestingly, the song is in his vernacular but the message seems to resonate with all and sundry. And this is not the first time the artist has critiqued the powers that be through his hard hitting lyrics. This writer will dissect his songs and what inspires him. 


Ino Migunda is the latest song by Muigai wa Njoroge that is bound to generate a lot of heat and discomfort to the powers that be. The 7 minutes and 22 seconds long video castigates forceful evictions and other decisions made by the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s led regime.

Muigai touches on the emotive land subject stating that a time will come when land will be divided equally. He reminds the president that a time is coming when the common mwananchi will not tolerate his oppression anymore.

The artist wonders why houses had to be demolished rendering many homeless in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and heavy downpour what the urgency was all about. 

Muigai faults the Jubilee government of giving freebies and handouts during the campaign period but cannot issue free masks in a bid to combat covid-19. 

And in what is seen as a subtle endorsement of embattled deputy president William Ruto, the musician questions why kenyans label peasants who become rich as thieves and dynasties who loot the public coffers are said to have inherited their wealth.

Muigai goes on to state that Ruto-who is referred to as a thief-is the same one who will bring an end to looting. The musician goes on to attack Uhuru’s father and the first President of Kenya for leaving mau mau fighters families in penury. 

In 2018, the artist released ‘Mbari ya Kimeendero‘ (clan of the oppressors) that brutally attacked the handshake.

“The maize farmers are wailing and the coffee farmers are uprooting the coffee and discarding it. Business people are suffering because of debts while all you do is handshake each other and strategizing,” he reminds Uhuru and his political brother Raila Odinga. 


Muigai wa Njoroge Biography, Songs, Family, Wealth And YouTube Earnings 
Muigai Njoroge And His Daughter Wanjiku wa Muigai Photo/Facebook

The artist is married and has children. From photos he has shared on his social media platform, Muigai seems to be the loving husband and father to his children. 

Muigai wa Njoroge Biography, Songs, Family, Wealth And YouTube Earnings
Muigai wa Njoroge and his beautiful wife Photo/Facebook


Muigai wa Njoroge Biography, Songs, Family, Wealth And YouTube Earnings 
Muigai wa Njoroge Mansion Photo/Mpasho

Muigai is a well off musician if a photo shared by gossip blog Mpasho is anything to go by. His net worth is in millions just based on his house. 

YouTube Earnings via


 VIDEO VIEWS-21,192,227



date video views estimated earnings
20.04.2020 Mon +2,014,150 $ 755 – $ 4.53K
22.03.2020 Sun +2,069,659 $ 776 – $ 4.66K
16.02.2020 Sun +48,813 $ 18 – $ 109
15.02.2020 Sat +194,565 $ 72 – $ 437
11.02.2020 Tue +54,128 $ 20 – $ 121
10.02.2020 Mon +36,373 $ 13 – $ 81
09.02.2020 Sun +33,440 $ 12 – $ 75
08.02.2020 Sat +67,259 $ 25 – $ 151
05.02.2020 Wed +34,118 $ 12 – $ 76
04.02.2020 Tue +45,308 $ 16 – $ 101
02.02.2020 Sun +73,128 $ 27 – $ 164
31.01.2020 Fri +11,498 $ 4 – $ 25
30.01.2020 Thu +58,571 $ 21 – $ 131
29.01.2020 Wed +76,184 $ 28 – $ 171