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Iconic KICC Building: Ownership, Features And Plans To Sell Iconic Building

For several years, the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) was the tallest building in Nairobi and still remains one of the most iconic structures...
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Mummie Francie Bio: Real Name, Tribe, Background, Education, Marriage, Scandals, And Businesses

Mummie Francie is no stranger to the Kenyan online community. 

She is a Tiktok sensation with a following of over 1.2 M, who became famous via a viral video dubbed Hello My Baby, which garnered over 10 million views.

In the video, she can be seen welcoming her husband, Andy (Mbabas), seductively. 

She is known for speaking her mind on Tik Tok, where she claps back on those who criticize her – sometimes with smoking adjectives. 

This is her journey as told by WoK


The tiktoker was born Francisca Mbae in Bumala, Busia County. She is 28 years old. 

In various interviews, she has recounted how her childhood was marred by abusive parents, who often fought and even separated at some point.

For her primary education, she attended Kisauni Academy and Preciuos Twins primary school before proceeding to Coast girls High school, where she sat her KCSE and scored a proud D plus.  

She then did some computer packages before proceeding to college to pursue a secretarial course.

However, she dropped the course halfway in order to get married. That was the end of her education journey. 


Mummie Francie has undoubtedly been endowed with good looks.

Therefore, it was only natural that her escapades with men would begin at an early age.  

By the time she sat her KCSE at the age of 17, she was already dating four men: a drug peddler, a conductor, a driver, and an accountant. 

Speaking to Obinna, she said she has always used men as a stepping stone to achieve success in life. 

“My mantra with men has always been to step and move. I’ve been doing that all my life until I got my current husband,” she said. 

After highschool, she dropped three of her boyfriends and settled in with the conductor.

From there, she ´stepped up´ to date a radio presenter and finally a CEO before settling with her current husband, whom she fondly refers to as Mbabas. 


Aside from her online dramas, Mummie Francie is a vivacious entrepreneur.

In fact, she is credited as one of the first Kenyans who embraced Tik Tok as a business platform rather than as a hive for silly trends and challenges. 

There, she runs various chamas, where she sells Deras and bedsheets. 

She is also the CEO of Mummie Francie ventures, a company that sells bleaching and non bleaching products via her brand, Franskin Glow.

She is also a content creator and the founder of Support A Rafiki Initiative, which she started during the pandemic to care for the underprivileged.  

Finally, she uses her huge online following for brand endorsements, having previously been a brand ambassador for Nuru Luxury Africa. 

Future goals

Despite her success, Mummie Francie has even better plans for her entrepreneurial ventures and her relationship with Mubabas. 

She also has political aspirations, and she hopes to run for the women rep position in 2027.

It is for this reason that she plans to upgrade her education to at least a degree level.  

She said she was supposed to vie for the position in the 2022 elections, but Mubabas dissuaded her, telling her that their financial muscle was still undeveloped.