Nelly Oaks Biography, Education, Career, Sending Father Into Depression & Relationship With Akothee

Nelly Oaks (born on 7 July 1993) is a Kenyan music and entertainment manager. He is known for his role as the manager to award-winning musician and self-professed president of the single mothers in Kenya Esther Akoth alias Akothee.

Nelly Oaks, real name , Nelson Oyugi, and Akothee have a long chemistry that has worked for them both, business-wise and romantically.

Akothee took to social media to profess her love for Nelly Oaks, stating he is the king in her life now before the relationship went south.

Nelly Oaks Biography, Education, Career, Sending Father Into Depression & Relationship With Akothee
File image of Akothee and Nelly Oaks. |Courtesy| Instagram|

Background, Family & Education

Reports indicate that he hails from a rich family. His father, Job Okuna Oyugi, reportedly lives in Kileleshwa opposite Kileleshwa police station.

His grandfather Ezekiel Oyugi was a principal secretary in the Ministry of Internal Security.

Nelly Oaks rural home is in Rongo and is not far from Akothee’s home.

Few available details of his education exist online. According to reports, Nelly Oaks attended the prestigious St. Andrews Turi.


He debuted into the country’s entertainment industry at a young age and has worked as Akothee’s manager for a long time.

Their relationship began as an employer-employee arrangement before they got comfortable with each other.

He has overseen Akothee’s music career from entertainment gigs, new song releases, video productions to endorsements and merchandising.

To a great extent, he deserves credit for the singers illustrious career.

File image of Akothee and Nelly Oaks. |Courtesy| Instagram|

Sending father into depression

In March 2018, reports emerged indicating that Nelly Oaks’ father had slipped into depression and delved into alcoholism.

Numerous media outlets reported that Oyugi has always been critical of his son’s relationship with the flamboyant singer.

“In November 2017, I was at their rural home in Rongo. Akothee’s place is also not very far from Nelly’s home. The woman confused him and the dad is not a very happy man,” a source told a local daily.

Relationship with Akothee

Their relationship began on an employer-employee level before they got cozy around each other.

Back in 2018, when Akothee had been hospitalised, she noted that through her ups and downs, only was person stood besides her the entire time, Nelly Oaks.

He had followed to everywhere she wanted or had to go. He spent cold nights in hospital chairs as he watched over her.

Nelly Oaks Biography, Education, Career, Sending Father Into Depression & Relationship With Akothee

They had managed to keep their relationship away from the public eye until she decided to share her joy in finding a caring partner.

“On this day I was busy arranging my house warming party ! in the middle of Rongo village, so lonely and lost, and at about 1.30 am when all was merry God sent an Angel Nelly OaksI don’t remember how we got to click, all I know is I loved his dance moves on the floor , he made a certain wired move that moved my heart , hey babe we are still here!” She wrote on Instagram in December 2018.

The two continued to date until reports alleged that the two had decided to separate and resume a professional relationship.

However, on July 7, 2021, Oaks turned a year older and Akothee took to social media to celebrate him.

“I will take this bold step to thank God for having brought you into my life. All the fun, laughter, disappointment, pain and the satisfaction we endured together were all life lessons. I will never regret one day having you in my life,” she wrote.

Akothee thanked him for always supporting her and putting up with her through everything.

“I think most of the time. I pissed you off more than you did to me. I know I am not a very easy person. I hate some of my behaviours.

“You have stood by me always with all my rubbish. It’s only been a year that I haven’t see you, and it felt like a decade,” she stated.

Akothee has since professed her love for him, revealing that they have moved in together and she is ready to bear him 2 children.

“Do not get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. He is the man in my life now. The rest are my past and left gifts that we share. The cake now belongs to him and him alone. Tukiachana nitawaambia. I Love Him to death, and I believe he loves me too,”  she stated.

“I even moved into his house with all my belongings and dumped my big homes. Now call the police, the boy is mine.

“I am having two children for him soon. And if he dumps me or whatever the case, he will also belong to my baby daddy list; I will still give him the same love and respect as the rest who left,” she wrote.

File image of Akothee and Nelly Oaks. |Courtesy| Instagram|