Sultana Citizen TV Series: Actors Of The Popular New Program And Their Real Name

Sultana Citizen TV Series: Actors Of The Popular New Program And Their Real Name

By Prudence Minayo

Citizen TV is home to local productions. From Aziza, Maria, Zora to Sultana, the menu of local programs is endless. The newest program Sultana is set in the coastal region of Kenya. The recurrent theme is the retrogressive cultural practices in the country. At the beginning of the series we meet Major Jabali who believes it is a bad omen to have a girl as the first born.

Most of the actors in this TV series are new faces to most viewers. Lolani Kalu is the most recognizable actor in the show that premiered on  7th march 2022.

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Here below are the main actors in the Sultana TV series. 

Lolani Kalu

Lolani Kalu made his debut in the world of media when he was only 20 years old and was fresh from high school. He wrote and translated news at Sauti ya Kenya. He would go on to join Nation Media Group towards the end of the 20th century. Growing into a star journalist, he was famously known for the NTV segment Malimwengu na Lolani. After his retrenchment, he disappeared from the limelight only to surface after he was traced and found to be living in dire situations. He had previously been an actor at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) and is currently playing Babu in Sultan. 

Suleiman Fadhili (Major Jabali) 

Suleiman Fadhili has been in the acting industry since 1976. He has featured in a number of local productions including: Tunaishi Mjini Masaibu, Gizani, Sumu, Moyo Nuru and Like Father Like son. He also made an appearance on Citizen TV’s Maria as Omari, Sofia’s father. 

 Mwanaasha Johari (Sultana)

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Born and raised in the Coastal region, she plays the lead role in Sultana. She is a new face in the industry as she has not previously played a known role in local productions. 

Patrick Francis Owino (Duya)

Not much is known about him other than he featured on the program Kovu. 

Annette Oduse (Zuu)

Annette Oduse has had the opportunity to get roles in several local productions including Saida, Matatizo, Fatuma and Maza.

Bwire Ndumbe 

Apart from working on Maisha Magic East’s Tehanani, she is also a musician, director, producer, script writer and baker. 

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Kadide Junior 

Kadide has over two decades of experience in the film industry. She is an actress, script writer and film director. 

Othman Jaidi

The late famous bongo artiste Stephen Kanumba was thought to be his brother. Othman was featured on the film Uncle JJ. According to online sources, the late Seth Bosco was his brother. 

Anjie Magio (Fatuma) 

This year 2022 marks Anjie’s 20th year in the industry. She has played a number of roles in local productions like Sumu, Kadada, Utandu, Maza and Selina. 

Winnie Bwire (Dida)

Winnie is a Mombass based actress.

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