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Noah Okeyo Biography

Noah Okeyo
Noah Okeyo Otieno (born July 17, 1995) is a film producer and director based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is known for his work in the genres of action, drama, comedy and science fiction. Noah is the CEO of Selene Studios which has a number of local independent films and tv series productions in Kenya. Okeyo directed the short film, Arm of the law, in 2019, which went viral due to the dramatic depiction of police brutality in country. Noah enjoyed his theatre classes in High School and has been hooked ever since. His dream is to direct a science fiction film starring Kimi Sane one day and is currently building his body of work as a director. Okeyo’s frequent collaborators include producer Victor Ndes, producer/director Lenny Towett, Writer Brian Muania actors Kimi sane, Simon just and Denis Awino, composer Kazee.
Early life
Noah was born and raised in Nairobi City, the son of engineering mogul Joash Okeyo and real estate tycoon Alice Okeyo. After graduating from high school, Okeyo planned on going to art school rather than a traditional college, but eventually enrolled at Technical University of Kenya, following his father’s advice.
Early career
Okeyo’ first job in the media business was at the age of 19 where he did various works as a freelance photographer. He later transitioned to film in 2018 where he worked at Fiction Entertainment. During this tenure he met with director Lenny Towett where they co-wrote tv series Bar Football. Other projects realized during this time include The Platform Series , Ndani ya word, Matabia and Majirani
Upcoming projects
In December 2019, Okeyo reported that a drama science fiction series, People of the book, is the works. This series will be co-produced by victor Ndes and Lenny Towett. Martials arts star Kimi sane will be lead actor. He also announced a feature film MK Mafia and a concept film Wolf sheep.