Omar Lali Biography: Smells So Good Women Can’t Have Enough Of Him

By Prudence Minayo

Little was known about Omar Lali until the untimely death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai. The late Tecra reportedly met her death due to an accident but the family accused Omar, who was his boyfriend, of the murder. He was arrested for the murder but later released after the Director of Public Prosecution’s office found it difficult to link him with Tecra’s death. The family still believes the death was his fault. The murder case Lali faced exposed torrid nature of their relationship. 


Omar Lali is said to be in his fifties. 


He hails from the coastal region of Kenya and while little is known about his family, the name of his mother is Aisha Mohamed. When her son was behind bars, his mother stood by him saying he was innocent and that he should not be treated like a criminal.

Omar also has a cousin named Mohamed who revealed to a reporter a lot about Omar’s relationship with Tecra. 

He was born and raised in Kizingitini, Lamu East and later moved in with his relatives in Lamu Archipelago. 


What has been printed by a number of publications is that Omar worked with tourists at the Coast. He carried luggage for tourists who were visiting the coast and was a boat operator as well. It was while doing his job that he met  Tecra and the two struck a relationship. 

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“He had gone to Peponi hotel to drop luggage belonging to some tourists when he found lady (Tecra) in commotion with the owner over a bill Lali bailed her out after realizing she was the same tourist he had dropped at the hotel days before,” said his cousin who was quoted by Nairobi Wire. 


Lali stands out with his long grey beard and the fact that he has mastery of several languages including English, German, Dutch and French. 

Omar Lali Biography, Age, Background, Career, Reputation and  Relationship with Tecra
Omar Lali And The Late Tecra Image/Courtesy

Before meeting Tecra, it is said he had previously befriended other women and even had kids with them. 

He is reported to have a baby girl with a German lady and others with an Italian and Dutch lady who he had befriended when they came to Lamu as tourists.

“Lali anajulikana hata ana watoto ulaya. Shida yake ni kulewa kupindukia (Lali is well knwon and has children abroad. His problem is over indulgence in alcohol,” one of Lali’s cousins was quoted by People Daily.

Relationship with Tecra

After the Peponi hotel incident, Tecra and Omar became close and she promised to visit again which she did. That was back in 2017.

The two formed a bond and Tecra would visit him. He is said to have even introduced her to his mother and the two attended a wedding for one of Omar’s relatives in his village. It is said that she even helped secure a job for one of his cousins. 

Tecra was the head of innovation at her parents’ company. According to Lali’s cousin, Mohaned, Tecra introduced him to her parents but they rejected the relationship.

“She had gone with Lali for introductions to her parents. They rejected him but the girl stood her ground. Tecra vowed she could not separate from Lali and promised to stand by him despite the rejection,” he was quoted by Parents Magazine.

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Women find him irresistible 

Omar has a way with women. He has been spotted with a number of beauties who seem to find him irresistible. A video was shared on social media platform of a young woman getting cozy with Lali as she tells him he ‘smells real good’.