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Oscar Sudi Claims His Gen Z Daughter Contributed KSh 10k to Protesters

Oscar Sudi
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi claims some leaders organised a coup against President William Ruto. Photo: Oscar Sudi.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has revealed that his daughter had contributed money for the Gen Z protestors.

Speaking during a function, the MP said his daughter told him that Gen Z protests had been going well only for some people to infiltrate them.

The MP said his daughter would eat lunch and go for the protests.

Sudi shared that his daughter sent money to the injured protesters and those killed which surprised him.

The politician said KSh 10k was sent to the fundraiser for the protest victims.

“These Gen X kids of mine were eating lunch and going to the protests. One of my daughters told me, ‘dad this Gen Z was us doing a good thing, but these people came to destroy. but I have sent KSh 10k to the victims. to those who were injured and the ones who died.’ My own daughter sent money.” Sudi said.

Meanwhile, Sudi has claimed people who infiltrated peaceful protests against the Finance Bill planned to overthrow President William Ruto.

Sudi in a fiery post on social media promised to expose the leaders behind the alleged coup plot.

He wondered why people in their right mind would burn and destroy other people’s properties and businesses.

“Without a doubt, the infiltrators of the protests were attempting a coup to oust President William Samoei Ruto from office.

“I will name and shame leaders who infiltrated the peaceful protests by our valuable Gen Z and reigned mayhem,”

“These are the leaders who made dark plans and collaborated with goons to destroy people’s property and it’s high time they are unmasked,”

“I have children who are Gen Zs and I’m still wondering if one is protesting against the Finance Bill, why would they go and torch someone’s property?” Sudi shared.