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Nakuru Woman Says She Earns KSh 5k Weekly From Carpentry

Nakuru woman
Wairimu Wachira says she makes KSh 5k weekly from her carpentry work. Photo: KNA.

Wairimu Wachira has proven hard work and determination can bring success.

The 28-year-old carpenter from Gilgil town, Nakuru County, has proven women can also succeed where men flourish.

Wairimu grew up in Lando slums, she faced rejection and resistance from mentors in the pastry and tailoring industries.

According to KNA, this led her to develop an interest in woodwork and carpentry.

Wairimu’s perseverance paid off when she discovered the KCB Foundation 2jiajiri scholarship programme in 2022.

The scholarship equips unemployed youth with technical skills to grow micro-enterprises.

Wairimu won a three-month scholarship to study carpentry at Comboni Polytechnic in Gilgil.

Wairimu volunteered in various workshops for two years to gain experience before starting to earn from her work.

With the moral support of her mother and two brothers, she now works at a furniture workshop in Gilgil, earning over KSh 5,000 per week.

Wairimu is currently working on a contract at the workshop.

She has been praised by co-workers for her work, who say has excellent skills.

Wairimu’s motivation is drawn from the desire to give the best to her customers and earn enough to give herself a good life.

She is also grateful to her husband, who has been very supportive of what she is doing.

Wairimu’s dream is to own a large workshop and employ creative, hardworking female carpenters.

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