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Peter Kamau: What Tahidi High ‘Teacher Wanyama’ Is Upto After The Popular TV Show Ended

Peter Kamau is a Kenyan actor, media personality and voice over artist. He has featured in a number of popular productions including Citizen TV’s Tahidi High, Selina, Crime and Justice on Showmax and Country Queen on Netflix. 

Here is his story as told by WoK,

Peter Kamau Age And Education

The 36-year-old grew up in Kiambu with his grandparents. His grandmother was a farmer. He attended Parklands Boys High School and wanted to join the hospitality industry, even taking home science as a subject in High School. 

Later, he got a job at Java Cafe but realized it was not what he wanted to do so he quit. 


The actor got into acting through a friend. He had gone to visit her and she was acting at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT). He asked if he could join and she told him of an upcoming audition. He attended, got the role and began doing set books. 

The actor in a past interview, Kimani credited KNT as the launching pad for most successful actors. During those times, there were very few TV and film roles and those who wanted to grow began at the national theatre. 

The first TV audition he successfully attended was for a show on KBC called Rosa. In the show, he became a lawyer who was keen on avenging the death of his parents. The show was shot from 2010 to 2012. 

Later, he became a news reporter at 91.5 Hits FM and 97.1 One FM. 

Peter Kamau at Tahidi High

After Rosa concluded, it was hard to get roles. He called the Tahidi High Producer Catherine Wamuyu asking if there was a role.

Ms Wamuyu told him she was not looking for old people. Catherine thought he was old because of his voice but he told her he was young.

In 2014, she asked him to go to Nairobi Academy. He went with a friend and they both got roles. He began acting as Mr. Wanyama on the then hit TV series. 

Other roles

Kamau played Biko in the award winning Showmax show Selina. Biko was a serious businessman with interest in the textile industry.

Recently, he joined the series Salem which airs on Maisha Magic Plus. This is a story that brings to light the inequality between the poor and rich and how fine the line between them can be.

In a past interview, the actor said that acting has helped him be in touch with his feelings. 

“I am more in touch with my feelings and I try to understand them before passing judgment. It has also taught me to be patient; very very patient and show appreciation to people around you and becoming friends with people who work around you,” he said in a 2018 interview with Media Critic Kenya.

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