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Postliner: Posta Kenya Owned Buses Plying Nairobi-Kisumu-Busia Route, Fare And How To Book

Posta Kenya has introduced long distance buses that will ply the Nairobi-Kisumu-Busia route. 

Interestingly, the buses, Christened Postliner, were first introduced by Masters Fabricators Ltd on their Facebook page on 1 May 2015. 

The buses at the time looked classy and could easily outcompete the likes of Easy Coach. 

Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) seemingly decided to go slow on the operations of the buses until recently when they announced they will be on the western route. 

At the time, the then PCK CEO Dr. Enock Kinara said of the decision to branch out,

“We are still waiting for approval from the Ministry of Transport and the NTSA, in fact the wait is what has delayed the commencement of our passenger service,”.

He went on to add that the buses would only carry 42 passengers and the remaining space would be reserved for parcels.

“The 62-seater buses will only carry 42 passengers and the remaining space will be left for parcels to maximise on the investment and reduce the cost of doing business.”

The buses they unveiled are Scania. 

Postliner Fare

Transport to Kisumu and Busia from Nairobi is a standard Ksh1,600. Only cash payments are accepted. 

How to book Postiner

Booking is at their City Square office where passengers also board the bus. Only one bus leaves from Nairobi at 8 PM. That is the only available bus.

Here is what the company shared,

Traveling to the village this weekend on the Nairobi-Kisumu- Busia route?

Enjoy affordable and convenient commuter services from Post liner.

Book now!!! Mapema ndio best. 

To get in touch with us call: 0725933846 or visit our City Square office to board the bus.

Other services offered by PCK

PCK was established by an Act Of Parliament (PCK Act 1998) as a commercial public enterprise. According to the PCK website, their mandate includes “provision of accessible, affordable and reliable postal services to all parts of Kenya”. 

Mail items can be sent to over 600 Post offices in Kenya.