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Maxwell Sangulani: School Drop-out Who Invented Generator That Runs On Radio Frequencies

In 2018, Maxwell Sangulani Chimbukutso of Zimbabwe made headlines after inventing a green-powered generator that runs on 100% clean, consumable, energy from radio frequencies.  Max,...
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Profitable Parenting: Meet Six Kenyan Personalities Making Money By Bonding With Their Children 

In the age of social media and digital content, a wave of Kenyan personalities is making serious money by sharing their family moments with the world. 

From music stars to radio personalities, WoK brings you a list of individuals who have leveraged their online presence to not only entertain but also include their children in their content, building strong bonds and turning it into a profitable business.

Joyce Gituro & Jakes Nyanjom

You probably know Gituro as the golden voice that once graced the airwaves of Radio Citizen, Radio Jambo, and Milele Fm.

However, in the recent past, the radio star has given us a glimpse into her family affairs by sharing Tik Tok videos of her  bonding with her son, Jakes Nyanjom.

In fact, her fans fondly refer to her as Mama Jakes. 

In the videos, the mother-son duo discuss everything from relationships, to house chores, to careers. 

Jakes seems to be following in his mother’s footsteps as a media personality. He is a presenter at Radio Africa´s Homeboyz radio. 

Akothee & Family

Known for her musical talent and unapologetic demeanor, Akothee embraces drama and doesn’t shy away from featuring her six children in her content.

Throw a dart on any of her videos and chances are very high that she will have featured at least one of her offspring in it. 

She has exposed them to the limelight so much that some, like Rue Baby, have become socialites and content creators in the process. 

Akothee´s unconventional parenting style has garnered over 430 000 subscribers on youtube and thousands of follwers in other social platforms, raking milllions in brand endorsements. 

Bahati & Family

The Adhiambo  hitmaker, alongside his wife, Diana, are a couple deeply entrenched in the public eye. As entertainers and content creators, they frequently feature their children in their content. 

From birthday celebrations to sharing daily life moments, their family vlogs and challenges have created a virtual family album, adored by their online community. 

The couple’s children have also had opportunities to participate in commercials, further solidifying their digital presence.

Michael Bundi & Fyez Bundi

Michael Bundi and his son Fyez Bundi are Tiktok stars who share videos of themselves singing and have amassed over 1.5  million followers on the platform. 

The two have also become household names on Facebook and Youtube, where the son has amassed over 100 000 subscribers. 

Their singing seems to have won a following of loyal fans, some of whom send them money.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Nation, Bundi recounted how one fan sponsored them to replace their old piano. 

Their content has also won Fyez a partial scholarship. . 

KRG The Don

KRG the Don, known for his lavish lifestyle, doesn’t hold back when it comes to featuring his children in his online content. 

Lavish birthday parties and public displays of love for his sons have added a familial touch to his larger-than-life persona, earning him both followers and a grudging respect from the online community.

Edday Nderitu

When she is not trending over spats with Mugithi icon Samidoh or Karen Nyamu, his vivacious baby mama, Edday Nderitu likes to share photos and videos of her daughter, Shirleen Muchoki. 

The mother daughter duo have on several occasions won the internet with their Tiktok challenges.