Prophet Owuor Charters Entire Kenya Airways Flight For Angola Trip

Propher Owuor at the JKIA PHOTO/TWITTER

Self-proclaimed prophet, David Owuor charted an entire Kenya Airways flight on Thursday, May 26 for a trip outside the country.

The preacher and a section of his followers left the country for Luanda, Angola where they attended a pastor’s conference.

Owuor is also expected to preach in the western country’s capital.

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Pictures shared online showed the preacher posing for a photo alongside the pilot and flight attendants.

In a separate photo, Owuor could be seen boarding the plane on a red carpet.

His followers sat inside the plane with women wearing head coverings and long dresses. On the other hand, the men looked dapper in suits.

Other photos documented Owuor’s touchdown in Luanda where he was received by his host.

“Welcome to the mega Angola revival. Day 1 is happening live from Luanda, Angola, where the mightiest prophet will be ministering,” a local radio station said on Owuor’s visit.

Prophet Awuor followers inside a Kenya Airways flight to Angola PHOTO/COURTESY

Not so long ago, Owuor was summoned to appear today at Kabete police station for questioning by the DCI about allegations that he fraudulently obtained properties owned by ex-lawyer Jayne Muthoni, 62.

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Following commencement of the case, Muthoni was taken to a hospital for a check-up and tests to determine if drugs were used to weaken her memory and will.

The controversial prophet has a coterie of security, domestic workers and drivers who are pocketing millions of shillings monthly in salaries.

Many work at his palatial Runda home, attesting to his sky’s-the-limit expenditures funded by his followers.

Owuor has been using collections from Muthoni’s lavish Dove Court apartments to pay at least 15 aides in Runda.

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