Recognising Msanii Music Group: High-flying Choir Where Radio Citizen’s Joseph Njane Is A Member

Rarely do you find a choir with a tightly knit cohesion, perfect blend of voices and with members drawn from different socioeconomic strata.

And this is not false publicity: all the aforementioned characteristics define Msanii Music Group. They are virtuosos.

Humble Beginnings and Success 

Msanii Music Group was founded in April 2020 with several members. It is under the tutelage of Joash Nyamongo who is the founder, producer and CEO.

The founding members put in all the required dedication in order to chart a successful path. Within a short time, they became a success and more members joined them. The choir currently boasts of approximately 25 members who are professionals in different sectors.

Even though their songs follow the stylish canticles of the SDA denomination, the members are actually drawn from various Christian faith. On Youtube, Msanii Music Group has accumulated over 158 million views and has 440,000 subscribers. It is however important to note that some of the songs were released prior to the inception of the choir.

Joseph Njane joining 

Radio Citizen presenter Joseph Njane joined the group in early 2021. According to him, he had visited the group’s studio in search of a partnership to have their songs played on a gospel programme.

“I knew the group through their songs uploaded on YouTube. I used to watch and enjoyed how they sing,” Njane recalls.

Jokingly, Njane was asked to audition for a song titled  It’s Okay and he impressed. He was given the opportunity to join them but was at first reluctant due to the many workplace responsibilities that he shoulders.

Photo: Msanii Music Group|Facebook


But there is always space on the coffee table; Njane set aside some time to train with the group. His unique bass voice is what he proudly refers to as ‘icing on the cake.’

Njane has had memorable occasions with the choir as they’ve sojourned the East African region for various events.

Another popular member is Kelsey Kerubo who is also a solo gospel singer whose star is rising. At only 23 years, she has over 4 million Youtube views and has lately released a song ‘Nasonga Mbele’ in collaboration with Tanzanian artiste Rose Muhando.

Popular songs and YouTube views

  • Asubuhi Njema – 7.5 million
  • Pekee Yangu Sitaweza – 7.1 million
  • What a friend – 6.6 million
  • Mtuliza Bahari – 4.7 million

Msanii Music Group Members 

  • Joash Nyamongo
  • Kelsey Kerubo
  • Timothy Wanjala (Uncle Tim)
  • Joseph Njane
  • Zedy Paul
  • Rachel Keziah
  • Askah Obegi
  • Phyllis Kemunto
  • Elvis Oyoo
  • Brian Oyoo
  • Hosea Michieka
  • Caleb Arasa
  • Gettie Sirma
  • Beryl Machoka
  • Vanessa Atieno
  • Rachel Nyarangi
  • Evah Wamwere
  • Lilian Kirui
  • Bivon Nyabero
  • Sheiy King