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Renowned Masked Barber Charging Ksh 100K For Home Services In Mombasa, Ksh 300K In Nairobi

The Unknown Barber works at Empire Barbershop in Mombasa town.

With the industry constantly evolving, the barber is always eager to stay ahead of the curve by diversifying his skill.

While at work, the barber puts on a black mask which has since become his signature look thus his name.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


The barber whose real name still remains undisclosed acquired his nickname in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

It started as a simple action of covering his entire face in a bid to minimize the risk of contacting the COVID-19 disease given the nature of his job.

In a previous interview with Nation, the Unknown Barber noted that initially, people did not pay much attention to the mask.

“The idea of wearing the mask came at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I knew people would not pay so much attention to it because the government had directed compulsory wearing of face masks,” he said.

He was surprised by how the simple move turned out to be a movement, making him a celebrity barber within the coastal city.

“It started as a joke. I never knew it would be serious to a point that I would one day withhold my official name from people,” he said.

The barber noted that he has never attended any cosmetic school describing his barbering skills as pure talent.

He also disclosed how he got a chance to work at Mintos Saloon and Barbershop owned by renowned hairstylist Anthony Karanu.

“I was working in Nairobi as a barber before I came to Mombasa for greener pastures. My current employer, Mintos, was a frequent visitor to my former workplace

“Although he was not my client or friend, he one day approached me and asked if I could be his barber at a new shop he was opening,” the Unknown Barber said.

The barber keeps his mask on for the entire day and he commutes to work by private means to avoid boarding a matatu.

“For me, lunch is not a must. In the morning, a specific person drives me to work. I wear the mask at home,” the Unknown Barber said.

He also stated that wearing the mask comes with its challenges revealing how he was once arrested for wearing the mask.

“Police officers arrested me because I was hiding my identity. We had to explain ourselves that it was part of my work and they understood,” the barber stated.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, the Unknown Barber disclosed that he charges Ksh 100,000 to offer home services within Mombasa.

He added that clients outside Mombasa would pay at least Ksh 300,000 for the same services.

“This will take care of transport services among other miscellaneous. I also have a huge team behind me, including my personal manager,” he said.

The Unknown Barber went ahead to disclose that he has shaved a local businessman who offered Ksh 100,000 for his services.

“I was recommended to him by someone and he later send me a direct message on Instagram and told me once he visits Mombasa he will inform me,” he said.