RWAKEN Investments: Rwandese Owners Of Public Service Vehicles Operating In Kenya

RWAKEN Investments: Rwandese Owners Of Public Service Vehicles Operating In Kenya
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RWAKEN Investments Limited ranks among the best and professionally run public service vehicles in the country. This commitment to offer world class transport services has seen the company bag multiple contracts from established companies to ferry their employees to and from work. 

They offer transport services to the public in Nairobi and its environs. According to their website, they also work with hotels, learning institutions and offer tour services. 

The Isuzu powered buses stand out with their unmistakable Red emblazoned logo, with white and red stripes. 

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Their buses are grouped into:

  • 29 passenger shuttle
  • 33 passengers bus seater
  • 41 passengers bus seater
  • 51 passengers bus seater
  • 62 passengers bus seater

Here is what WoK has compiled about the company ownership.


Jean Bosco Ndarugoragoye

The man with a majority stake in RWAKEN Investments is Jean Bosco Ndarugoragoye, a close confidante of Felicien Kabuga. Records at the companies’ registry indicate that he is a Kenyan citizen. 

Haruna Imaniraguha

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Known as simply HM, he is listed as a co-director owning 50,300 shares in the company. He confirmed that he was a shareholder and director.

Felicien Kabuga

He is accused of financing the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The multi-billionaire was on the run for 26 years before his capture in Asnières-sur-Seine, near Paris On 16 May 2020. He was 87 at the time. 

According to a report appearing on the Standard, the wealthy Rwandese reportedly oversaw the daily operations of the transport company and presented himself as the owner when he secretly lived in the country. 

Bosco was his close confidante and they would meet regularly. 

“He was a regular visitor at the service station where he would meet up with Bosco, with whom they would spend time together,” the Standard reported.

What does RWAKEN stand for? Rwanda-Kenya. 

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