Rware Central Hotel: Inside ex-MP Ngunjiri Wambugu’s hotel in Nyeri

Former Nyeri Township MP Ngunjiri Wambugu supervising works at his Rware Central Hotel in Nyeri PHOTO/Facebook

After unsuccessfully trying to defend his Nyeri Township parliamentary seat, politician Ngunjiri Wambugu decided to go into business.

Wambugu lost the parliamentary seat to Duncan Mathenge of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

According to a series of updates on his Facebook page, the former MP acquired the renowned Central Hotel in Nyeri.

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Wambugu then embarked on renovating the space as he was seen supervising works inside and outside the building.

Former Nyeri Township MP Ngunjiri Wambugu at his Rware Central Hotel in Nyeri PHOTO/Facebook

In a social media post on Sunday, October 23, the former MP revealed that the hotel will be officially opened soon.

He noted that renovations were almost complete, further sharing photos of a modern kitchen among other amenities at the hotel.

The hotel also features a conference hall where guests can hold meetings.

“My team has done a fantastic job, another couple of days and it’s a wrap,” Wambugu wrote on Facebook.

The sitting area at Rware Central Hotel in Nyeri PHOTO/FACEBOOK

Elsewhere, Wambugu lost the Nyeri Township MP seat to Mathenge who managed to attain 41,111 votes against his 11,808 votes.

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In his acceptance speech, Mathenge thanked Nyeri Town residents for turning up at the ballot in large numbers and voting him into the next National Assembly.

He noted that he is eager to occupy office, underscoring that the campaign period was officially over and that he wants to commence work for the betterment of the constituents.

“I am happy and grateful that after 15 years the people of Nyeri Township have given me the opportunity to lead them as MP

“The time for politics is over, it ended when Kenyans cast their votes on Tuesday. Right now it is time for work and I have promised area residents that I will do my best to address their grievances and offer solutions,” Mathenge said.

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