Samuel Magumba: Farmer Making Millions From Capsicum, Upto Sh500,000 Per Acre

By Prudence Minayo

Farming is a very lucrative venture for a section of Kenyans. The key is knowing profitable crops suitable for your soil and climate. Samuel Magumba reaps millions from farming capsicums. After his father relocated from Western Kenya to Taita Taveta in the 80s, he took up farming, something he passed on to his son, Samuel. Samuel is also passing his farming knowledge to his sons who love spending time with him on the farm. 

WoK takes a look at the lucrative farming venture raking in millions for Samuel Magumba. 

A passion for farming 

Growing up and playing around his father’s farm made Mr. Magumba appreciate farming. However, it was his entry into the 4K Club while in primary school that really ignited his love for farming. 

Planting Capsicums 

Capsicum produces for a period of six months. This may increase to eight months, if the farmer knows how to provide proper care for the plant. For the Taita Taveta farmer, he often reaches eight months as he knows the proper agronomics. 

While he farms other crops, like tomatoes and cucumbers, it is capsicums that gives him a hefty reward. In a previous interview with Business Daily, he stated that he can make upto Sh500,000 from one acre of capsicums. He has five acres of capsicum. 

Market and success 

He finds a ready market for his crops in the bustling Kongowea market. Like most businesspeople, he employs middlemen to help get and penetrate the market and has to share with them about 10% of the money he makes per trip. Luckily, this does not cut too much into his profits. 

His farm employs over twenty people who are provided with both accommodation and food. 

“I provide them with food and accommodation then pay them Sh7,500 per month, the money that I give them at the end of the season,” he told the daily. 

During his early stages of transporting capsicums to Kongowea, he did not have his own means of transport. He had to hire a truck which would cost him Sh30,000 per trip. As his profits increased, he was able to buy himself a lorry and reduce expenses by a huge margin. 

The farmer believes that there is a lot of money to be made in farming. Farmers need to just follow the right practices and ensure they have a market for their produce. They also need to be prepared for the ups and downs in the business. For example, they will make minimal profits during seasons when there is a lot of produce flooding the market.