Shakila Biography, Age, Background, Education and Notoriety

Shakila Biography, Age, Background, Education and Notoriety
Shakila Has Courted Controversy After She Claimed To Have Slept With Over 30 Celebrities Image/SwitchTv

By Prudence Minayo

Social media platforms in Kenya have propelled many to celebrityhood and given entrepreneurs easy access to potential clients. A good number of Kenyans have gained popularity just through posting pictures and/or videos on the several social media platforms. One such person who has gained notoriety is the beautiful young Shakila who has been trending for the last couple of days. 

Shakila became popular after an Instagram live show with the popular Kenyan vlogger Xtian Della. In fact, the two broke the record by attracting the highest number of people to join an Instagram live in Kenya. 

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Here is her story as told by WoK.


The beauty is in her early 20s.


She was born in Jamhuri estate, Nairobi and is the first born in a family of three children. Both of her parents are alive and she had a very strict upbringing. She was not even allowed to own a phone until now. Therefore, when she was able to save enough to get one, she had to hide the phone and use it at night when her parents had gone to bed.

In an interview with Kamene Goro on Jalang’o TV, she said she loves the mum more than her dad because he is strict. She said her mother is her best friend and she always consults her before doing anything or even posting pictures. After her video with Dela, her mum called in tears asking why she did that. Later on, she told Shakila never to do something like that again.

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She is a first year student pursuing a course in Networking and Web Development. 


The young lass set the internet ablaze after her live interview with Xtian Dela. It started with her twerking followed by an expose where she claimed to have slept with a number of influential Kenyan A-list celebrities including Willy Paul, Kaligraph Jones, Ringtone, Otile Brown and Victor Wanyama.

This raised eyebrows with some saying she was lying to gain fame. She claimed that Wanyama paid her Ksh700,000 to sleep with her. The footballer denied those allegations, Otile Brown threatened to sue her and Khaligraph Jones gave her this ultimatum:

“ I have given you two hours to retract the statement and apologize because I have never met you and I don’t even know who you are, ”the OG posted. 

The 19-year-old apologized only to Khaligraph at first refusing to apologize to the rest. According to her, she did not see a reason to apologize for saying the truth.

Her apology read:

“I’m being forced to do this public apology cause I damaged @khaligraph_jones public image by whatever that I said yesterday due to influence of alcohol and reverse psychology. Papa Jones am sorry. The rest mentioned were true.”

In the interview with Kamene Goro, she agreed to apologize to all the people since whether true or not, she had no reason to tarnish those people’s names. She further added that she was influenced by Xtian Della to say some of the names. She also promised never to do something like that again. 

Shakila would love to get into media some day and even have her own talk show.

In 2020, a section of the media reported that she had been arrested. Singer Willy Paul said he was behind the arrest since Shakila had broken into his house. He posted the following on his social media handle:

“ I would like to address an issue that occurred yesterday at my residence around 12 midnight. The estate security noticed a lady at my gate that was forcefully trying to enter my house (she did). They informed me immediately and I went only to find out that it is the “Famous Shakilla”, ”read part of the post. 

He added that he reported her to the police and they arrested her. 

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