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Size 8 Net Worth, Salary And How Much She’s Paid Per Gig

Gospel singing sensation Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, is arguably one of the best paid artist in Kenya. Her transition from the secular music world to the straight and narrow path of Christianity has not slowed the energetic artist from attracting endorsements. Kenyans have critiqued lyrics of new age gospel artists saying it goes against the tenets of the word of God. The petite Size 8 has not been spared from this criticism. While her music may lack in content, Size 8 has morphed with the times to remain one of the most relevant artist. We take a look at her wealth and how much she charges per show.

Size 8 Performance Fee
In 2012 alone, Size 8 made kes7 million in less than 6 months translating to just above kes1.1 million per month. The then secular artist had her big break when she penned a contract with Safaricom Live which saw her perform across the country. She went on to host Sakata dance show and featured in several commercials before appearing on some episodes of Mheshimiwa show where she effortlessly showcased her acting prowess. The Mateke hitmaker is a must fixture in national events to date, alongside the likes of Bahati and Roughton. Her fee for such events are anywhere between kes200,000-kes300,000 per show.

Softcare Baby products: Size 8 daughter Ladasha Belle was named Softcare diapers brand ambassador in 2016 in a multimillion deal. Mother and daughter have been appearing on Softcare ads in a deal estimated at kes10 million.
Softcare Sanitary Pads: following the success of Softcare diapers, Size 8 landed another deal with the same company to market their sanitary pads line:
“Thanks to all who buy the SOFT CARE DIAPERS out of the success in sales of this product i got another endorsement the SOFT CARE SANITARY PADS the Lords works.” This deal was put to paper at an estimated kes10 million.

MPAKE Director
Size 8 is a director of the Music Publisher Association of Kenya (MPAKE), a collective management organization (CMO). According to Kenya Corporate of Board (KECOBO), (CMOs) are allowed to hold not more than four meetings a month. Per sitting the directors are paid kes7,500 which translates to kes30,000 per month for Size 8.

Kubamba radio presenter
No artist in Kenya has had the longevity of Size 8 who conquered the secular world and is doing the same in the cut throat gospel industry. Just as other artists are busy biting their nails wondering where their next gig will come from, DJ Mo’s-real name Samuel Muraya-wife is being courted for more jobs. This year she landed a job with Kubamba radio where she hosts KVIBES916 every Friday from 10am to 1 PM. Her monthly pay from this show estimated at kes80,000.

Pambio Live
She finds herself gracing our screens after her earlier stint on Mheshimiwa TV comedy show but now playing a different role. The superstar co-host “Pambio Live’ alongside DJ Ruff Kenya on Maisha Magic East every Sunday from 12noon to 2PM. Maisha TV describes Pambio Live as: a two hour Gospel music show – it aims at encouraging togetherness for its viewers, Christians and non-Christians.
Uninterrupted gospel music videos, from both local and international acts, as well as motivational messages, scriptures and the latest events in the gospel scene.

The artist drives a Jaguar XF worth kes7 million. She said this on social media after the acquisition of the high end car: “Just acquired a brand-new Jaguar full option. Zero mileage worth seven million. I just cannot believe I am actually posting this picture right here. Surely, God can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ever ask think or imagine (sic).

What’s Size 8 net worth
Singling out Size 8 from her celebrity husband DJ Mo and what they own as a family, the artist net worth is estimated at kes30 million.