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Queens of Kikuyu Radio: Top 10 Female Kikuyu Vernacular Radio Presenters

From the captivating Kigooco FM at 98.6 FM, which celebrates Kikuyu music and traditions, to Gukena FM at 92.2 FM, fostering a strong sense of community through carefully curated playlists, Inooro FM at 98.9 FM, offering a diverse range of informative and entertaining programs, Kameme FM at 101.1 FM, serving as a trusted companion with its lively talk shows, to Coro FM at 95.5 FM, preserving and promoting the Kikuyu identity through inclusive content – these stations showcase the significance and impact of Kikuyu radio in Kenya and beyond. 

In this article, WoK steps into the vibrant world of Kikuyu radio stations in Kenya, where melodious tunes, engaging discussions, and rich cultural heritage intertwine to create an essential part of the lives of their dedicated listeners. Today we look at the top female Kikuyu radio presenters.

  1. Nyoks Wa Katta 
Photo: Courtesy Nyoxx Wa Katta Facebook

Nyoxx Wa Katta is a well-known radio host, who brightens up the mornings on the Inooro FM breakfast show, alongside her colleague Jeff Kuria. Beyond her successful career, Nyoxx is a devoted wife to Katta, who is a radio presenter at Kameme radio. Together, they are proud parents to two delightful children, a boy and a girl.

Nyoxx’s journey in the radio industry began at Coro FM, but she eventually found her place at Inooro FM, where she currently hosts a Mugithi show every Friday night on both radio and television. Her Mugithi show has garnered a dedicated following, especially in the Central region of Kenya. Nyoxx’s charisma and talent make her one of the top hosts in the Mugithi genre.

Katta, Nyoxx’s husband, is also a radio presenter, working alongside Mansaimo. The duo has gained a strong fan base due to their exceptional sense of humour and ability to connect with their audience. It is worth noting that both Nyoxx and Katta were recruited by Mediamax, following the retirement of the veteran Kameme FM presenter Peninah Muthoni, popularly known as PM Squared.

  1. Joy Wa Macharia

Joy Wa Macharia, also known as One Lady Guitar, is a renowned Kikuyu Mugithi artist and radio presenter at Coro FM. With numerous hit songs and a large following on her social media platforms, Joy has attributed her success in the music industry to a lady named Joan Ngugi. According to Joy, Joan provided the financial support needed to record her first song, “Mundurume Kieya,” which went on to become a hit with over 2 million views on her YouTube channel. 

Joy expressed her gratitude to Joan on Facebook, sharing pictures of her and acknowledging the instrumental role Joan played in her career. Despite not knowing how to repay her, Joy professed her deep love and appreciation for Joan’s support.

  1. Muthoni Wa Kirumba

Meet Gladys Muthoni, the sensational Kikuyu radio presenter who captivates listeners with her infectious energy on Kameme FM’s popular “Changamuka” show. Together with comedian Muthee Kihenjo, they create an unstoppable duo, entertaining a massive fan base. Muthoni’s journey started at Bahasha FM before finding her home at Kameme FM in 2012. 

For the past decade, she has been the life of the “Changamuka” show, solidifying her position as one of the top female Kikuyu radio presenters. Despite occasional controversies, Muthoni remains a dedicated professional, keeping her personal life private while focusing on her radio career. Muthoni’s talent and charisma have made her a respected figure in the industry, leaving a lasting impression on her devoted audience.

  1. Lucy Wa Ngunjiri

Lucy Wa Ngunjiri, the remarkable founder of Prayers Beyond Ministry and a beloved Gospel radio presenter on Kameme FM’s “Itaha Ria Muoyo.” With a thriving ministry based in Ngara Primary School, Lucy has become a beacon of inspiration in the Kikuyu radio scene. Alongside her husband Lameck, she is blessed with two beautiful children, Leon and Hope Lyne. Born and raised in Muranga, Lucy’s journey began as a dedicated housegirl in Buruburu Estate. Through her resilience and determination, she transitioned to the second-hand clothing business, where she met her soulmate. 

Following the birth of their first child, Lucy joined Kameme FM as a marketer and eventually emerged as a respected radio host. Beyond her radio career, Lucy’s Prayers Beyond Boundaries Ministry extends its care to 68 children who found refuge in the Prayers Beyond Boundaries Home Care in Mai-Mahiu, having been affected by post-2007 election violence. Lucy Wa Ngunjiri is not only a talented presenter but also a compassionate force, impacting lives through her ministry and radio show.

  1. Muthoni Wa Wainaina 

Muthoni Wa Wainaina, also known as Mzima Mzima, the talented and versatile sports anchor on Kameme FM. At just 30 years old, Mzima Mzima is not only a radio presenter but also a musician, DJ, sports commentator, and successful businesswoman. Raised in Nakuru, she attended Gitwe Girls Secondary School before pursuing journalism at NIBS College. 

Although she initially aspired to be a lawyer, Mzima Mzima’s passion for media led her to a career in radio. Her journey began at Bahasha FM, and she later found her calling as a sports anchor on Kameme FM with the guidance of Gatundu Member of Parliament, Wanjiku wa Kibe. Alongside her radio work, Mzima Mzima’s musical talent caught the attention of the late Kamaru, who encouraged her to pursue singing due to her incredible voice. 

Looking ahead, she has political aspirations and plans to run for a parliamentary seat in 2022. Muthoni Wa Wainaina, aka Mzima Mzima, is a rising star in multiple fields, leaving her mark on the airwaves and beyond.

  1. PM Squared

No discussion of captivating radio presenters in Kenya would be complete without highlighting the legendary PM² (Peninah Muthoni Mbugua). Throughout her illustrious career, PM² hosted several highly popular programs on Kikuyu radio stations. One of her most notable shows was the renowned drive show ‘Humuka’ on Kameme FM, where her dynamic and engaging style captured the hearts of listeners. 

Her ability to connect with the audience and create an immersive experience made her a beloved figure in the industry. Despite retiring in 2019, PM²’s impact on radio broadcasting remains significant, and her legacy continues to inspire both fans and aspiring presenters to this day.

  1. Wambui Wagithongo

Wambui wa Githongo, a well-known radio presenter at Inooro FM. Born and raised in Kiambu County, Wambui comes from a Christian family. Her passion for journalism led her to pursue a career in media after completing university. With years of experience gained from working in various media houses, Wambui found her home at Inooro FM.

For over a decade, Wambui has been the host of the popular mid-morning show called “Thiririka.” Through her show, she addresses relevant issues in society, promotes healthy eating habits, offers parenting advice, and discusses various topics that resonate with her listeners.

  1. Waithira Muithirania

Evelyn Waithira Muithirania is a dedicated career broadcaster who has been actively advocating for farmers’ rights and fair pay. Her relentless passion and commitment in this field earned her the prestigious Head of State Commendation award from the late President Mwai Kibaki. 

Currently, she is the owner of Kihoto FM, a radio station, and is also running for the position of woman representative in Murang’a county on a Jubilee Party ticket. Her remarkable journey and involvement in both media and politics exemplify her unwavering determination to make a positive impact in her community.

  1. Wamucii Wa Kinyari

Wamucii Kinyari is a multi-talented radio personality, influencer, content creator, mother, and wife. After her time at Kameme FM came to an end, she found a new job at Igajo FM. Wamucii is happily married to Wachira, and they have been blessed with one child.

Born and raised in Gilgil, he has a deep understanding of the challenges people face in their everyday lives. Wamucii expressed her confidence in her husband’s ability to advocate for the people’s needs in Parliament.

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